Stochastic Policy

Stochastic Policy

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Liner Notes: 

I'm not a fan of our clowinish, incompetent prime minister. You can tell, can't you?


He'd never been a little boy
Always fat and over-fed
Of charm, entirely devoid
While others worked, he stayed in bed

Always entitled to the best
He idled while his school days passed
His teachers failed to be impressed
His scope of ignorance too vast

Much too lazy to find work
So politics his only choice
Like every other Tory berk
In bluff and bluster found his voice

He likes to put himself about
(With no restraint, he cannot stop)
Believes he's just the sort of lout
who deserves to be on top

So now he's got to Number Ten,
just like he said he would at school
Things aren't the same as they were then:
now, everyone knows he's a fool

Keeps changing what he wants to do
Can't seem to make decisions stick;
looks like his grand career is through
He's just a sexist, racist prick

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I wish you would tell us what you think, Chris Wink

I love the orchestration you've put to this track a lot. The lyrics are strong as well.

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Very good, I like dynamics in the arrangement and your orchestration choices. Boris and Peter and the Wolf come to mind with a little bit of Tubular Bells. (in a good way of course) You voice has just the right amount of anger in it.

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Hah, well said, my friend.

I can't for the love of me summon and interest in politics. But then again, there's really nothing that wrong in Finnish politics. I can't imagine living in UK. I'd have a few select words to say as well.

The mid section... rather monarchic sounding, don't you think? This is like Harry Potter, if Harry wasn't a wizard, but a prime minister... and not really that good at that either.