Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen

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Liner Notes: 

Took me a while to get round to recording the guitar solo for this because I'd knackered my elbow playing guitar too much. I'm still getting twinges, so the first take was all there was.


I once had a dream of a future of plastic and chrome
I'd live by the Moon in my personal orbital home

We're making future plans
Without knowing what the present means
The decision's in our hands
But we'll have to make it sight unseen

I expected the future to be far more civilised
Never thought that the air that I breathe would be privatised

No surprise that the rich now hang out in the suburbs of Mars
Whoever the future belongs to, it will not be ours

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That does have a Floydian vibe to it. Nice music and thoughtful lyrics.

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This is lovely. It's very rich and thematic. Well done!

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Can you imagine living in the orbit? No more walks in the park for you. Yikes!

Very lunar-sounding synths/organs, yes. Definitely hearing the Wright influence.

Maybe there's a Star Trek future for us yet.