More Than Meets The Eye

More Than Meets The Eye

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Liner Notes: 

I went full Tom Waits.


These days the news is *so* compelling
Turn on the TV with a sigh
It's just some fat, old, white guy yelling
Does crazy things but won't say why
I don't believe the line he's selling
Because there's more than meets the eye

All that payola keeps on flowing
Our well will never runneth dry
He helped himself without us knowing
The papers all accept the lie
But what's the story they're not showing?
Because there's more than meets the eye

They say that he's still in the running
A claim that they can't justify
He has a stupid sort of cunning
Thinks he'll outsmart the FBI
His credibility is stunning -
because there's more than meets the eye

His fans stay poor while he keeps earning
He's going to bleed "his people" dry
He plays golf while Rome is burning
and knows his antics horrify
Don't fool yourself the tide is turning
Because there's more than meets the eye

He doubles down on any hating
He gets off on all the hue and cry
With each offense, he's calculating
which accusations he'll deny
He'll keep the scales of justice waiting
Because there's more than meets the eye

And now he's running his convention
Needs his support to multiply
They lack the basic comprehension
That what he promised them won't fly
Where should we direct their attention?
Because there's more than meets the eye

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The righteous indignation shines forth and you did an amazing job of going full Tom Waits.

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Wow, what a track. Your presence with a microphone is huge and the orchestration compounds that into something truly inspiring. I took a extra drive around the block to finish this one.

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This has more funk to it than Tom Waits managed,. The vocal is a very good match for the content of the lyrics. The lush minor key strings really drive the song forwards - good arranging of them.