Old Blue Jeans

Old Blue Jeans

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Liner Notes: 

I found an old pair of jeans at the back of the cupboard this week, and the pleasure I got from realising I hadn't thrown them out was ridiculous. I'm waering them right now.


I get the feeling modern living's not agreeing with me
This piece of faded denim keeps me sane by being with me
They might be torn, but I know they're going to fit me right
I might be jaded but they make me feel the future's bright

Please don't ask me
What the Universe might mean
The only certainty in life
is wearing my blue jeans

I wear black denim, but it never feels the same
My old blue jeans are all that's worthy of the name
They're my first choice of what to wear when I am going out
A place that won't accept them's not a place to care about

You can keep your chinos and your corderoys and such
They might be stylish but I don't care for them much
You know the clothing that is closest to my heart
I'm gonna wear these old blue jeans until they fall apart

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The lyrics hit the spot - they are so true. I feel exactly the same about blue jeans. They music sounds really good - a very full sound and so very varied. You seem to have a brass band/orchestral section blending in with a funk beat. That's a neat blend. Good work.

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Cool Pink Panther vibe! I know what you mean about the jeans - ordered a retro pair and so excited - feels like turning back time - lol!

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I dig that piano and nice use of the horns. I must remember to get that bbc so thingy. Blue jeans never die, the next generation always turns them into something else to wear.