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In 2020 I was strangely lacking enthusiasm for music. But this month it feels like I got mojo back and I made my best song this year (so far). I'm full of enthusiasm since I found that little guitar theme. I managed to combine two ideas I had and it may seem strange at first, but for me it works. My band pushes me to writing music that steps away from verse-chorus-verse-chorus structures, and this is what I like about it.
Also pretty pleased with the production. I know this is not what 5090 is for, but when I'm on a roll, I just can't stop recording and mixing until every detail is what I want it to sound like. The lyrics however were written in a matter of minutes. I usually sing some gibberish, then I keep the words that I think sound right and then I try to make some sense of them. But this song to me is only about the music.


We came to earth through no fault of our own
Left to figure out just what for
We run into walls and cry and curse
Until we get a glimpse of what it’s worth
and that’s why we’re around
that’s why we’re around

We’re handed life without the manual
assembling jigsaws and furniture
we hope we got it figured out
until the next time all comes crashing down
and that’s why we’re around
that’s why we’re around
that’s why we’re around

One step
one more
than before

And then you hope to find it
and then you hope to get ahead
and then you hopes are shattered
and then it always sets you back

You’re not alone in this one
we’re all trapped inside this maze
you’re just part of the fabric
woven from all the lose ends

We are only travelers
tripping onwards through the years

and that’s why we’re around
that’s why we’re around
that’s why we’re around

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It makes as much sense as anything else (reminded of the Hitchhikers Guide, and the Creator's last message to his creation re apologies for the inconvenience). I have no argument with the production, I can see why you did it. necessary, i would say! Downloading this! Applause!

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those bass line chord changes really propel the music, which communicates the feeling of rocketing through space, my favorite part is the instrumental break and the music/yrics that follow it.

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Yeah, this is extremely good. Hard rock with the sensibility and catchiness of indie pop. Lots going on to engage the listener, I'm a big fan of playing with conventional song structure. Great production, and I particularly love the vocal layering that starts at 1:20!

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Yes! This evolving structure works very well. Clever how you end the second layering part and repeat the "that's why we're around".
Lucky band:-)

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Man...this evolves and keeps rocking all the way to the end. I am reminded of the indie pop scene of the early 90s. You've brought back some good memories...especially when I "discovered" Foo Fighters for real. Smile