Ramparts Still Gleaming

Ramparts Still Gleaming

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Formerly, lyrics-only, 5-min-mourning-morning-news-write-right-rite

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I like the layering of voices in this and the lyrics are really cool. Definitely thought provoking.

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I love the big, open feel to this. The lyrics have a conversational feel that I like a lot.

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This does sound very big and open.......got that sea to shining sea and amber waves of grain feel to it!
I don't think you'd hurt it with some more instrumentation, but does it NEED it? I don't think so.
The vocals are nicely done too! comes across as having a heart to heart with yourself haha!

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Pretty cool to hear this as a song after reading the lyric-only post. The layered vocals work well here I think.

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Nice track, has a good slow bluesy folksy feel, the vocals are good and the layering of them works to great effect.