Yes, Dear

Yes, Dear

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Liner Notes: 

Craig suggested the title, structure and vibe, and I wrote from there ....

Craig: vocal and whistling
Nancy: vocal and piano


Nancy: Honey, could you come over here?
Craig: Yes, dear
Nancy: I’ve just got a little request, dear
Craig: Yes, dear
Nancy: You don’t know what it is yet
Craig: Ye-
Nancy: Hold on a minute
Craig: I’m holding
Nancy: I need to know that your heart is in it

Craig: Don’t I cook you benedict eggs, dear
Nancy: I adore your hollandaise, dear
Craig: Don’t I build you beautiful, shelves, dear?
Nancy: Yes, dear
Craig: Who’s the honeydew who honey does for you?
Who’s the very best, dear
Nancy: Is this an essay test, dear
Craig: Yes, dear

N: Please don’t think I say this in jest, dear
Craig: Yes, dear
Nancy: I’d rather you’d not always say yes, dear G
Craig: Ye -- wait, what?
Nancy: You’re the pompitous of love
Craig: That’s not a real word
Nancy: But nonetheless, dear
I don’t want you just to acquiesce, dear

(whistling solo)

Nancy: If I know you can say no
Nancy: It will feel good to hear yes, dear
Craig: No regrets, dear
Nancy: I love to hear you say it with zest, dear
Craig: Not under duress, dear
Craig: Tomorrow morning you make the eggs, dear
Nancy: I’ll think about it
Craig: And maybe some hash browns too
And a couple of slices of cantaloupe
A cup of coffee
And a peck on the cheek!

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This is such a delightful performance. Wonderfully anachronistic 50's call and response, I'm so impressed. The words are crafted expertly and the melody is lushious. Nice collab you guys!

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What a fun performance and song. Really clever lyrics that are delivered with such flair. Well played and conceived. Great stuff!

ampersandman's picture

Beautiful duet with a real classic vibe. I love the clever rhymes.

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You both made me smile ear to ear. What a happy, loving, playful song! It's funny, fun, timeless, gorgeous and adorable! Your song will make everyone who listens to it instantly happy! I wanted it to last longer Smile

Dragondreams's picture

This is simply magical! I'm entranced and smiling fit to split my face in two. I love you two so much! Smile

cts's picture

I've listened to our song a few times now and I have to say that this is a very fine collaborative effort. It's playful, short and sweet. Love it! Smile

mike skliar's picture

ha! I love this! a really old-school musical, come to life! great job, both of you!

had there been a live fawmstock this year, the live performance of this would have been a highlight

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Lovely and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this clever ditty. Thanks!

So, so good. I burst out laughing at the Steve Miller dig. Such a sweet and savvy number, and as has already been said, an instant classic. Wonderful!

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Oh my gosh, I love this. Clever lyrics, with a wonderfully vintage feel. Both vocals are fantastic and made me laugh out loud. Utterly delightful!

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This is delightful! I love the back-and-forth dialogue type of structure here, your performances play off of each other perfectly, and the song conveys a good message to boot. Listening to this put a big smile on my face, thank you!

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Wow! What a fabulous duet! The initial lines and the retorts are right in the reminded me a little of classics like How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning? or Baby, It's Cold Outside but only in the quality of writing and musical craft involved...excellent!