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Liner Notes: 

I was inspired by a line about being pulled apart.



As the knife carved through the chest
Bet you wondered what horrors you'd get
Cause for someone to die so young
There mustve been a lot that was wrong

Under the flesh and blood
Was a broken heart
All drained of love
Beneath the skin and bone
Was a tortured soul
Left this earth alone

That's what they found there
In the autopsy
All battered and bruised
A damaged piece

As they poked down in the lungs
The last few breaths were like they were sung
A low iron showed someone weak
Low self esteem bruises on the knees

Within the genes and cells
Someone suffered hard
With their own hell
Swimming in those deep veins
Was a warning sign
Loved turned them insane

(Repeat chorus)

They slowly sewed up the body
They had seen what they wanted to see
Here was someone so full of scars
That a hard life had torn right apart

Left on the outer shell
We're the deadened eyes
Looking unwell
Pale colour of the skin
Where all life has left
Someone's given in

(Repeat chorus)

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I love the vivid images and analogies. Makes for a powerful dissection of relationship that died. Clever and well articulated!

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such a morbid journey into the dead body, discovering the things that killed iit. fantastic take on the autopsy theme. could make a nicely gruesome but thought provoking song

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Very creative idea for a lyric. Very clever.

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This is a strong write. It's very sad while being almost clinical sounding. That line about the last breaths coming as if they were sung is my favorite