Weary but hoping

Weary but hoping

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Liner Notes: 

This started with me at the piano. Since I don't really play piano I transferred my notes to the computer and used one of the Pripyat piano sounds (https://strixinstruments.com/pripyat-pianos/). And since this year everyone is playing with the Spitfire BBC Discover orchestra I was eager to use it too.
Tonight I added a bit of Mandola, acoustic guitar and electric bass.
Levels and mixing made with weary ears, so still to be done...

Update (2020-08-27): @headfirstonly told me how to switch playing techniques of the strings. So now they pizz, play spiccato or just long notes and save the highest note for the finale Wink



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Really lovely and just a little dissonant in the right ways. Smile

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i wouldnt know where to begin putting something like this together, but i sure did enjoy listening to how you took a simple piano melody and constructed a symphonic piece combining virtual programs and real instruments.

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This was great...and then the strings took it to another level. Really excellent as an instrumental, but it could become a song with words, too.

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awww sucked right in by the very first notes - i love that melody on the piano. lovely bass and orchestration. i coulda done with that piano bit one more time at the end. really nice!

very well put together, very pretty and yes just enough dissonance. nice lift and flow!

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What a wonderful construction. Really quite compelling, and the theme of 'weary but hoping' comes through clearly. Smile

You're really getting the good stuff out of Discover. Those strings work beautifully. The contrast between them and the mandola is gorgeous.

And thank-you for reminding me of the Pripyat Pianos plugin, all 2.6 Gb of which is currently downloading to my studio PC (couldn't say no, seeing as the price has dropped to £22!)

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Has a bit of a golden-age Hollywood gothic feel, especially at the beginning. Beautiful, a little unsettling, and very cinematic.

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Has a bit of klezmer there in the chromatics and real delght in the strings and the bass. as I like to say - cinematic to the bone Lol