Pauls Stretched Handshake to William

Pauls Stretched Handshake to William

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Instrumental; under an hour during some slow time at work! Smile

#WilhelmScream and with Paulstretch; and Bassline First,
---- O M G, it's gonna be total shit, aye! Wink

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Paul stretched that scream enough I don't think a stretch armstrong would of taken it! hahaha really nice groove

Only about six more guitars to go and that will fit nicely at the end of your last one Smile

really enjoyed this rambling track of yours, got a little anxious for some reason though.....don't hear too many sirens around here! hahaha

its very good really sounds like movie music that bit when you are looking at a scene either beginning or end

@Belladonna hahhh, you're to kind! Smile It was a combined Forums (sort of challenge?), the Wilhelm Scream and Bass line/groove first... (and I love to use the feature in Audacity, the "Paulstretch", (stretches a chunk of audio, -- the Scream of course), -- that's why happens when one has to much time on their hands during a lunch break Smile

The Wilhelm Scream *and* Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch? Sheer aural nirvana. But that incredibly twangy guitar just nails the resulting mood and runs with it, as do the subsequent embellishments with sound effects. This is the sort of thing that belongs in a Wim Wenders road movie; it has a perfect, lost-in-the-West vibe that he's so good at putting on screen. Roll cameras!

@headfirstonly hahhh, thank you! I am glad you kinda got it. It really does sound like a backing track lifted from a Picture Smile hahhh.

I actually did embed a Click Track! And, while syncopated, went with is as much as I could. I thought may effect the "feel"; not be whole-ly essoteric. Also, the effects were pitch shifted to match the root chord Note it played with. I'm not sure if matters, but again, gave a better feel. I think @dzd Cody had to take his headphones off to check for the Police Wink hahhh! (It's happened to me, too.)

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Oh yeah, the stretched scream is pretty sweet.
Great relaxed jam sound here.
I like that rambling bass line.
Kind of a Dead vibe.
Yikes! Sirens!!
They really add atmosphere.
Fabulous ending.
Excellent work.
Enjoyed immensely.

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Wow! atmospheric. Really interesting use of the Wilhelm scream, and i always love a track with harmonica in (no, not always, but this time i do)!