Two Headed Snake, Chop Zones

Two Headed Snake, Chop Zones

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Yep, great ride, just waiting for a 20 min solo in the end with 7 psychedelic guitars

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hahahah me too lowhum me too! it's definitely a tune that could take it!
can hear it slowing taking off out of one of those nicely done slide or flute notes at the end! driven mainly by some acoustic strumming Wink

my favorite of your 50/90s so far, maybe my favorite of yours I've heard period!

Love the musicianship here. All those bends throughout really appeal. (Is that the steel? I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to our stringed friends).

@splittybooms thank you; yes slide guitar or lapsteel depending on how one sees it Smile

Actually @dzd is the resident expert on slide... so, he got me back interested in it.

I just did a "D" tuning, and chorded it with a metal bar. I'd love to do more riffing, noodling, if worked on the song more, -- very different feel to just fingering/noodling Smile

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Great restrained slide work.
I'm liking the doubled vox.
A really appealing vocal line.
So much space in this tune.
Which is a good thing.

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That slide guitar in the first few seconds - I was hooked!
Best song I've heard today. Trippy folk. Good stuff!