Every Movie Trailer Soundtrack Ever

Every Movie Trailer Soundtrack Ever

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Liner Notes: 

I watched the trailer for the Robert Pattison "The Batman" movie yesterday and found myself asking whether trailer scores could possibly get any more clichéd than they already are.

So I set out to turn the clichés up to eleven.

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Oh yeah, now you just need the deep-voiced announcer....
"In a world where crime is out of control, one man stands against the rising tide of violence..."
Haha cliched indeed, but excellent job here.

(How many Batman movies do we really need, anyway? What is this, Batman film number fifty six?)

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that first note is surely a 11...... love .the storrm at the end followed by the chimes...the ultimate cliche. excellent reminder of how crappy the movies have become

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I'd watch that movie. LOL

Well done, hitting all the cliches.

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Boy, you are really getting a lot of use out of DISCOVER--I downloaded it shortly after your first rave about it and have yet to open it. I continue to be impressed with what you are getting done with it!

This is awesome! If you ever decide to expand into soundtrack stuff, there are some great Facebook groups for that particular sliver of the music business.

Great job!

(Just occurred to me that you, with your video skills, should make a music video of yourself doing something innocuous like doing laundry with this as a backdrop)

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You even added the Bond-like trombones. This sure goes to eleven!
I was waiting for a dialog sentence around 1:35 like "We'll always have paris"

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As I'm sure you are aware...this is so potentially commercial...sync co's are crying out for short soundtrack pieces as professionally done as your work...well done!

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In a world where the sun burns cold and humans must eat sound to survive, one man brings sustenance: headfirstonly. This is great, masterfully done even while recognizing the cliches of the genre. (I see that fuzzy beat me to the voice over cliché--and, damn him, he even beat me to the accent aigu!)

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Wow, really great sounds you get out of the BBC SO Discover, as you write it's very clichéd trailer music, but really well done. Has sync potential.

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I wouldn't be surprised if somebody uses it in a trailer. Every cliché is here : the bassdrop, the "BRAAAAAAAAP", the piano in the distance, etc....EVERYTHING.
Glad to have watched the breakdown during a livestream Smile

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hahahah, but no...........this is so much better than a cliched movie trailer......it was more than just a big loud BWAAAAAA and some new cover of an old hit song and lots of Video FX Biggrin

and yeah just need super deep voice guy......... Coming this Spring, Summer, Fall, or Christmas......some innocuous thing that will blow your mind! From the second cousin's great-aunt of some producer of some thing you loved once upon a time.....Nostalgia!!!!

hahah this was brilliant!