I Think I'll Cut my Hair

I Think I'll Cut my Hair

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Liner Notes: 

All the sounds here are from the Spitfire Audio Labs.

I had really long hair as a child. I've had some bad experiences with long hair.


My hair floats in a radiant halo
On gentle waves

My shadow
Sings to me from below

My hair is her fishing net
She weaves it around my arms and pulls me to her
She tells me I can hold my breath forever

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Ah, there it is! The watery sounds are really beautiful, and the narration is so gentle and easily paced ... the dissonances and warping are artfully done, and I like how the whole thing stays through the eyes of a child.

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Oh, this is some lovely Ambient experimentation here for sure.
Great vocals; they really fit the mood of the piece.
Great use of sound samples.
I used to have longish hair myself; it was a pain in the ass, really.
I got it all shaved off one day.
Excellent work.

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I like the short bursts of lyrics and the almost-underwater feel of the music. Perfect for floating in a sensory deprivation tank! Love all the nature noises. Definitely mind expanding!

I could gently cut me hear at this, too. Leave a moustache though for the sake of whales.