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Liner Notes: 

Thursday afternoon I got a call from a very good friend of mine whom I had not seen in about two years. She had heard I was in Winnipeg & wanted to meet me in Carmen, Manitoba (she lives in Morden - the same town as @metalfoot - which isn't far from Carmen, so yes Alex, I was in your neck of the woods (though there aren't many trees in SW Manitoba, so maybe "neck of the woods" is the wrong expression Wink ) so we could catch up. Friday morning I dropped my son off at his Baseball Camp & hit the highway for Carmen (it's about 45 minutes SW of Winnipeg). It was so great to see her & catch up. We had brunch & then went for a bit of a walk around town before I had to head back to the 'Peg to pick up my son from his Baseball Camp.

Anyway, on the drive back to the city, I got to thinking that I should write a song in tribute to her. She's been through a lot, though it sounds like things are starting to look up for her (I actually cried when she was telling me about all the things that were going so well in her life). I was trying to capture the sense of the good times & bad times with this song. That's why I ended up using all the chords in my chosen key. Am, if you're interested. Also, for those of you interested in chord progressions here's the crazy one I put together for this song: i - iv - v - iii - i - iv - vi - iidim

Also for this song I did two things I've never really done before. First off, it uses only Soundfonts for all of its audio sources. Ages ago I downloaded a huge pack of Soundfonts but never really used them because (at the time) Buzz's Soundfont integration was pretty poor (the Soundfont Player machine wasn't very reliable). What I didn't know (but just learned this past week on the Jeskola Buzz Forums) is that the Jeskola XS-1 Machine (which comes packaged with "New" Jeskola Buzz (the version that has been developed since Oskari (Buzz's creator) started developing the program again after the infamous hard drive crash that destroyed all his original source files)) plays Soundfonts. So I wanted to test it out - and man, the XS-1 is a great machine.

The other thing I did that was completely new was to program automations in the LD Mixer Machine (mostly volume slides on the various tracks). Normally I just adjust volumes of the individual machines before they go into the Mixer so that they all start at an even level & then do a mix using the Mixer. For any volume swells (fade ins or fade outs) I usually use a dedicated Volume Machine (DedaCode StereoGain 2). But there were a lot of different fades I wanted to do with the instruments & knew it would be easiest just to program the LD Mixer. So, yeah - first Candle song with an LD Mixer column in Buzz's Sequencer View Smile I might just do that more often from now on…

Last thing to note: the tittle: also a tribute to my friend. She uses a variation of the tittle as her online handle - but I also thought it described the idea behind the music perfectly.

OK, enough of me rambling. On to the next (another track I started a while ago & needs to be finished Lol )

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. There was a second part that I started to write that just wasn't working out the way I/my Muse wanted. So it didn't survive the editing room floor…

Gear List (All are Native Buzz Machines)
Jeskola XS-1
Sonic Verb
Rymix StereoBox Pro
Jeskola Cross Delay
Fuzzpile's Unwieldy Delay 3
CyanPhase's JedShiva Meter
LD Mixer
Automation Parametric EQ
BG CompGate
DedaCode StereoGain 2
Sqorpi's Multi-Track-Writer
CyanPhase's Song Info (Metadata Machine)
WDE's Notebook (Word Processor/Notepad/Lyric Player Machine)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love the interplay of the different instrument layers. There is a darkness and richness to the texture. It conveys a complexity of feelings so well - at some points there is a haunting feeling, other times sorrow, and other times a sense of hope and triumph. It is wonderful how you weave these together.

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OK. Now I gotta see if I can figure out who your friend in Morden is. LOL (PM me if you like. Otherwise it'll remain a fun mystery to ponder...)

This is a really cool bit of layering and texturing. Love the soundfonts.

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This does capture a real sense of a lot of mixed emotions really well done with intended goal! yeah you should use that mixer more Smile I liked the horn quite a bit!

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Cool sounds in here, this has an 80's crystal and glass feel to it.