Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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Liner Notes: 

Hadn't used the cigar-box guitar yet, so that had to go in. New solo instrument in a pinch? Kazoo!

Edited to add: I worked really fast and unfiltered. I know it's super-derivative. Apologies to Merle Travis.


Some people are made out of muscle and blood
I’m ink and sound and pies made of mud
Can’t stand still waiting for paint to dry
I got an eye for color and a colorful eye

Do it again and it can’t be wrong
Make it up as I go along
I’m makeup artist by self-decree
I draw myself, and myself draws me

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice little song and I love that kazoo! Great blues song!

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The lyrics are really good, complete, insightful and very clever. 'Muscle and blood' is really good.

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Short and sweet with some great lines. And the kazoo really is a cool instrument for a solo.

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Oh man I love this. Those last two lines made me laugh out loud, and Captain Beefheart feel makes every line seem like a revelation waiting to be made

Which is not to say that they're not.

Great skirmish write

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ha! this is great!!! great, wise and hilarious lyric, all at the same time, and that cigar box meets bass meets kazoo is perfect for this!

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Nancy! Love that cigar box sound and bit of kazoo with that jazzy groove. And the lyrics are great - the last lines of the each stanza are really brilliant!

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Love the new cigar box geetar, and cool kazoo stuff! "Muscle and blood" and "pies made of mud" are fantastic lines.

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Fabulous and so fun! The instrumentation is perfect. Smile And what a good take on the topic!

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Love this free-spirited and witty approach to the prompt. Twisty meanings make it extra fun!

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Very nice, sweet song. Lovely take on the skirmish prompt. Enjoyed listening very much.

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This is such fun and free wheeling music. The last line wraps it up nicely!

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A real I-am-there coffeehouse feel to this one! Your recognizable jazzy vocals singing amazing lyrics, and the uniqueness of guitar/kazoo. Good one!

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love the kronky feel of this with the cbg and the kazoo, the rough take suits the lyrics perfectly, some really nice lines - muscle and blood and also ink and sound, really nice skirmish

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That is such a cool, scratchy sound, that cigar box.

I like ink and sound. Not sure about mud pies.

I like the second verse quite a bit too.

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I had no idea one can "slide" with a kazoo. My lord, woman, your magic is far-reaching!! Smile I like the rough, demo-y sound and feel of this. Ultra cool.