Between the Night and the Day [musicated with music even!]

Between the Night and the Day [musicated with music even!]

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With no strong hook, well, -- it's a little harder to musicate.
-- I had a direction in mind, however, the car would just not steer in that direction. And, so, down the embankment I went, gas pedal to the floor, bursting into flames and dust covered angst Smile

And, so it goeze... ... the sum of it's parts not yet fully construed, -- lyric, music, vocals and instrumentation. But when it is, it's gonna be fantastic!, one day... ... one day Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The lyrics bring in a lot of historical images without specifically calling them out. I like the repetition between the last line of the verse and the first line of the next verse. Good song start!

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I think you got your hook after the verses with the almost wah wah in that harmonica Wink washes sleep....wah wah wah wah , night and day wah wah wah wah......etc, really nice playing! You might give it a listen in a day or two Biggrin

and yeah also what Andy said! nice song pic too!

I was actually going to suggest something almost along those lines, when I read this lyric the other day, but sidetracked by who knows what now?, probably something shiny or some keys jangling hahah. I was thinking pyramids/Rome/ something else I've forgotten now, probably what sidetracked me, didn't finish the thought hahah, I like the Rushmore/Easter Island better though! My one stringer should be done Monday/Tuesday It might fit right in if interested Wink those pots and a new output jack are taking forever to get here.

@dzd - thank you, re: the graphic. Yes, "gimp" on Linux, -- NOT intuitive and do a lot of fishing for mods to graphics but was able to mung those two from pub dom pics then modify like that. I miss windows paint! Smile man that was ez and down to the pixel level. gimp, -- somewhere it's all burried; I guess i need to read the manual? Smile And, I'll do some mod and then never find it again. Also, not intuitive is, you just gotta know to save, export and reopen as new image to mode more on some stuff. Some of the, what I call TV screen warps, -- even did that like twice, can't find it again, (some vector map shift) so was in some sub menu.

But that easter island thing... I got lucky, -- looks like a wave washing over all back of them to the Monument. Then, their saturation filter warmed up the lines. I was trying to get the entire "shot" to face each other, but then let it just "pinch/swirl" down like that. -- I love graphics. Heck, usta be able to get a paycheck doing it. Hahhh! -- I even worked in a 35mm Color Slide graphics house, pre Powerpoint... heck there was one softwar app, fox-something ? -- shitty little program. Once PPT hit, -- lots and lots of "graphic" artists, out of work. Heck, even shifting to PC/Mac, meant nothing. But, I digress... Smile

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some slidy noodles on my bandcamp page should be able to download........was just done mono, but think I rendered stereo when I saved it......ya know I might not even of dropped your track out before I'll be way too super duper loud in mix if I didn't, let me know and can just send the .wav of the slide bits if that was the case..........just thought about that hahah little sleepy Smile

This one?

It's always good to get the native file. I never know with Audacity how it may import, have not experimented if mono/stereo, - effect and pending default set in Audacity. I do see other wav's import as mono. Eh, just send it as you feel it should be, then be mixed in, why mess around. I'll listen again later when on a pc with HP's.

Previewing it here, -- no Headphones, I can't tell if my file is in it, -- definitely better if not Smile and if the "Start" is as you do, in the track with it so import is exact alignment which is important for your stuff w/o a "beat" Wink well, so to speak.

ah classic ustaknow (only just a little gentler) Good lyric . love the picture!