The Fantasy of 66 Chairs

The Fantasy of 66 Chairs

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Liner Notes: 

Title from the Titular Muse tool, then a bass line, then a bunch of instruments, then lyrics and vocals. New instruments this time: the Kaossilator app someone mentioned on these boards awhile ago, a violin with a broken bridge.


The fantasy, the fantasy
The fantasy of sixty-six chairs

Once upon a time in some long-imagined future
Smiling faces round the table
Once upon a time In a dream, you were all jamming with me
And it sounded something like this

Tonight I gotta be all the threads in my tapestry
To those playing at home, I raise a toast to you
Swiping my Kaossilator, scraping on my violin
Our imaginations will get us through again

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The swirl is hugely unsettling to me! There's a very dreamlike quality and it's a very surreal dream. Different!

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This is great Nancy as it reflects the current times so well with the words and the interplay and juxtaposition of the different lines. There is both an inviting and intimate sense to this as well as an unsettling feel of unrest that I really like. I love how your music draws me in and makes me think.

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i agree with tim. this is a weird nightmare of a fantasy, like the ghost of laura nyro jamming with carole king, accompanied by the remnants of a zombie air force string band it is both unsettling and oddly compelling.

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I like the Jazzy feel of this and the repetition is very effective.

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I read the lyrics first - they read like a poem, and a timely and poignant one.
And the music-ation is brilliant - so many cool sounds. Dreamy and groovy!

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i mean like what? I don't know how you do it nancy, but you have this way of sounding totally together and totally all over the place just all at once. I mean i genuinely don't know how you do it, but it is a specific kind of magic. Your backing vocals, i suspect, are a good part of why i love this, along with the various stuff making the groove, if i can call it that? Thanks once again for a truly original listen anyway.