Embers Of War

Embers Of War

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Liner Notes: 

This is the final result of Thursday's live stream where once again I put a track together live on Twitch. Plenty of changes and polishing done and a whole bunch of lyrics written and recorded. Again, as I can't play guitar or bass at the moment for more than a minute or so thanks to a knackered elbow, this features Karoryfer's excellent free "War Tuba" sample pack:
https://www.karoryfer.com/karoryfer-samples/wydawnictwa/war-tuba (link is external)

...which is loaded into, and played on Plogue's free "Sforzando" MIDI sampler VST plugin:
https://www.plogue.com/products/sforzando.html (link is external)

And the track is inspired by Bristol author Gareth Powell's excellent "Embers of War" trilogy: "Embers of War" "Fleet of Knives" and "Light of Impossible Stars" are highly recommended if you like your space opera on the grand scale of Iain M Banks. I've tried to keep the text of the song spoiler free, which is the best way to get in to the series...


I've seen whole planets burn
I've watched my comrades die
Nothing I did was my concern
It wasn't mine to reason why

If you have peace, then I'll take any
But I was born to fight
Now I'm the one against the many
And who's to say I'm right?

We tell ourselves we're righteous
We say our cause is just
but when our weapons turn against us
should we do the things we must?

Now I step into the ring
and I must fight this match alone
A conscience is a heavy thing
when you must bear it on your own

All space and time is at my back
My Universe will fall apart
It isn't courage that I lack
but just a certainty of heart

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weird but fitting arrangement. and your vocals sound great in front of it. the lyrics are excellent. the first two lines pulled me right in, and i was ready for whatever came next

My type of song. Really love the lyric and the delivery is dark and concerned enough! Nice.

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wow !
The drum parts really complements the orchestral part.
Also, I really love the prog vibe

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Seriously good lyric. With that backing, dare I say operatic? (Not a happy word in this household but the only one for epics.)

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Really nice Bowie esque vocal vibe, cool arrangement, good use of the BBC So, and I had to check out the Karoryfer stuff, just because the name War Tuba, will have to download some of their stuff.

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Man, I used to love "space opera" and read tons. This would definitely be a great soundtrack for reading them. Do more soundtrack stuff!

Wow--your vocal. It's great!!