Trying To Reach You

Trying To Reach You

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Liner Notes: 

This started with an attempt to sound like The Flying Lizards, and to do some new things with tonality. And a duet between bots.


Press 1 now to be connected

We’ve been trying to reach you
Concerning your vehicle warranty
We’ve been trying to reach you
Concerning your credit card
We’ve been trying to reach you
Reaching you is hard

Your call is very important to us
Please hold for the next available operator
All calls will be answered in the order received

Your donation will be triple-matched
We value your support
We have a big goal to make
Please don’t delay
Open before midnight
This offer expires today

Press 1 now to be connected

We’re sorry, but the number you have dialed
Has been disconnected
Or is no longer in service

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Ha ! you captured the feeling of this perfectly. I can feel the pure frustration brought out by the disonant tonality and the disambodied voice.
Love it Smile

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Funky, trippy, and fun! The music alternates between a solid groove and this unsettling ambiguity. Love all the vocal processing.

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Oooh - methinks I’m falling for this layered vocal goodness you got going on here. Deliciously funky but something in the way those layered vocals coming together is I’m going to check out the band but once again you and that ability to take music to other places...I’ve got to get to that level.

I loved the Flying LIzards! I've also become a big fan of former member David Toop's writing recently. His books "Ocean of Sound" (about ambient music) and "Haunted Weather" (which is mainly about hearing and not hearing) are well worth a read.

This captures their playfulness perfectly, as well as the slight undercurrent of menace that they sometimes weaved into their music. That voice menu response is threatening and at the same time promises everything while delivering nothing. Fabulous stuff!

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You manage to turn the most annoying telemarketer calls into something really clever and fun. Pretty great.

oh so true - they are always trying to get me but are never there when i need them. really nicely done - very clever and very funky

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Well I don't know the Flying Lizards, but I love these lyrics and the weird musical atmosphere to go along with it, they work very well together.

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I wish my robocalls were this funky. I love the drop into "Your call is very imprortant to us..."

The pressure sales talk should definitely be more funky.

I like the static and garbled signals at the end as we're being disconnected.

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This is really cool sonically! Enjoyed my listen a lot.

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This is such a great musical response to those annoying telemarketing calls. I love the interspersed spoken vocals, cool vocal effects, and your melodies amid the backdrop of the rhythmic and electronic sounds. You transform the universally anointing experience to a very creative and compelling collective experience of connected understanding.

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Reading the title, I thought this would be about personal relationships. Funny it's about the car warranty I didn't know I had. Good funky sound and the rhythms in the vocals makes it seem like it's about something urgent, like it might expire today.