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Liner Notes: 

This is one of the tracks that I recorded a few FAWMs ago, but never really finished it. @kiwafruit and I were trying to collaborate on two specific songs but we just couldn't get all of the elements together (that included time). When I posted this song originally there was minimum instrumentation and my go-to sax guy wasn't available. Well, a few years forward and I wanted to get this properly rendered. I've changed the bass line, re-did the drum programming, got the sax guy (thanks Lee), re-did the vocals and inserted all the ideas I had intended and now it sounds like more like I had envisioned. I changed some of the lyrics and added some synth hooks, too. I started working on this off and on late June but when full ham on it July 6th and kept tweaking it up until now. It's actually going to be included on an EP that will never see the light of day, but was inspired by Prince's the black album.

*Tagged NSFW due to the James Bond character reference (you'll understand when you get to that part)
** "Mapplethorpe on the floor" refers to shock artist Robert Mapplethorpe
*** Fastest With the Mostest is also the title of a Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon, but no inspiration or influence.
****Tagged a favorite for the mixing.

How I did it:
Recorded using Acid Pro 6 & Studio One 3
Alesis V49 - MIDI controller for virtual instruments: Bass keys, drums
Yamaha S03 synthesizer for organ and keys
Fender Jazz 4 string bass
Squire guitar with Pro EQ plugin and Guitar plugins by Presonus
Contains an interpolation and sample of Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste of Honey
Stock sound sample of bar activity
Bottles and other atmosphere ambience by Kahiwa
Vocals - CTS and Kahiwa


Hide and seek/ take a peek
What U see is unique
Hold your breath/ release what's left
I'm fastest with the mostest

Get it now/ go 4 yours
U just might fall overboard
Hula deep/ liquid sleep
I'm fastest with the mostest

Art of steal/ whip appeal
Ante up/ seal the deal
Sell it back - artifact
I'm fastest with the mostest

Killer Joe/ Mary Jane
Numb U up/ relax your brain
Fill U deep/ lose your sleep
I'm fastest with the mostest

Mad design/ hot decor
Mapplethorpe on the floor
Stakes R high/ raise them more
I'm fastest with the mostest

Chocolate Thai/ creamy curl
Canadian tryst/ move 2 this
Amplified 4 sonic bliss
I'm fastest with the mostest

Built 4 speed/ take a spin
Turn the key/ let's begin
Strap U down/ now U're in
I'm fastest with the mostest

Feel the rush/ heed the hush
All there is/ is in the plush
What's taboo is meant 2 touch
I'm fastest with the mostest

And so throughout the evening U catch this vibe
Endorphins poppin' off in your head
And it isn't long before U and me become we

Kissing every section of your Pussy Galore
With a view to a thrill/ Golden gun on the floor
Only 4 your eyes with Roger no more
I'm fastest with the mostest

Rolling like a train huggin' deep in the rails
Blowing through your mind like a wind in the sails
Screaming like a banshee when the climax prevails
I'm fastest with the mostest

Boogie oogie oogie til U got no more
Dancing like U're crazy til your feet R sore
Now U know the reason why U came here 4
I'm fastest with the mostest

I'm fastest with the mostest
I'm fastest with the mostest
I'm fastest with the mostest
I'm fastest with the mostest

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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Definite Prince and in general 70s/80s funk vibe going on here. Sounds like a party going on!

Graceville's picture

Haha, instantly I thought PRINCE!

So good to revisit that sound again and the 'this is what I can and will do to you without saying it directly' lyrics.

fresh spotless youth's picture

Hats off! What else to say? This is a jammin' delight. That groove is perfect, but the vocal makes it cook. Roger no more Smile

phylo's picture

Coolest of cools! This is a head boppin' triumph, love the homage to Prince and all the little aside voices and sounds. This is rife with gelatinous goodness!

nancyrost's picture

Beautiful mix!
The lyrics are brimming with quick rhymes, images and witty turns of phrase. And they move perfectly over that groove.
I'm enjoying the dual vocals a lot.
I love the key change around 1:25 and back at 1:45.
My compliments to Lee - that is a hot sax solo.

cleanshoes's picture

Hot damn! This is so good. Super impressed with the production and all the detail. Catch something new each time I listen. Great lyrics and vocals, and big props to your sax guy!

sbs2018's picture

Love it!! Who doesn’t love Prince, right? Clever convo going on. That beat is addicting. And that sax - my second favorite instrument. Well done!

LisaMarie777's picture

I concur with others about the Prince influence. Very neato song!

Gwyn Jones's picture

This grabs the ears and doesn't let go until the end...packed full of innovation and surprises both lyrically and sonically plus a sense of humour...what's not to like?

dzd's picture

Yeah I concur! There's nothing to not love about this! So well done!, so glad you re-visited this and shared it with the rest of us!
Think I'm gonna have fastest with the mostest stuck in my head for a bit Wink and its welcome!
all the extra vocals and the sax really do add a great dimension to this.........time well waited for, and used Smile

MarkG's picture

So much fun. I laughed at the James Bond verse. Cool mix, with the minor synth in the back of the verse. Lots of good stuff here as expected from the Jelly Factory.

What can I even say here...
That bass groove is the stuff my childhood is made of, everything I loved about the music I grew up sneaking into my uncle's CD and record collection to listen to.
This is Prince and Parliament and Morris Day all in one. I really dig the - wait there's a James Brown howl - as I was saying I really dig every single hook you got going on here. Your sax guy is legit. I would say that makes the song, but every element makes the song. The dual vocals were done flawlessly, great collab.
This is an absolute jam.
Needs to be blasted out of car windows.

artyredsocks's picture

Got 50 songs just in this one going by the mix! Listen in awe to the production ability

This is a super cool track, a lot going on and all put together so well. The samples, the groove and man that sax solo is cool. Great composition also, it stays interesting throughout.

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

That spooky background synth sound is very black albumish indeed :-). Love all the different vocal bits, cool relaxed funky jamming vibe!