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Liner Notes: 

@metalfoot is one of the most prolific songwriters I know. And there are quite a few in this community that come to mind as I'm typing this. Alex has always been gracious with his comments, generous with sharing his talents, winsome with his faith, welcoming when greeting new Fawmers...this cat is just way cool. I have wanted to produce a song for him for a hot minute and he actually gave me a chance with this song. Which is a gospel song, but more in content than a style of music. It's based around the book of Romans, Psalm 34 and the Gospel of Matthew.

How I did it:
Recorded using Studio One 3 (DAW)
Bass - Schecter Studio 4 Diamond Series (4 string) (Schepps 73 plugin fx)
Alesis V49 for virtual instruments - Organ, trumpet, choir
Yamaha S03 synthesizer - layered organ
Programmed drums - Vital Drums sample pack
Guitar - Squire (using CLA plugin fx)
Vocals - Alex (Schepps 73 plugin, CLA plugin, Pro EQ plugin)
Final mixdown using Isotope 8

metalfoot sez:
@cts is a wonderful musician and it was a thrill to be able to work with him on this song. Thanks for your patience with me while I let this one simmer for a while, sir!


Words & Music - CTS & Metalfoot
Vocal arrangement - CTS & Metalfoot
Vocals - Metalfoot

If U were offered the cure
Would U want it since U need it

Would U want 2 B sure
Of the knowledge if U heed it

If it's 2 good 2 B true
What makes U believe it

Hey brother - I've got the cure
Hey sister - I've got the cure

If U could make yourself pure
Would U bathe and B delivered

If U were made 2 endure
Would U suffer and surrender

Would U live 2 B free
If made captive by election

Would U care 2 B me
If it meant world rejection

If it wasn't a lie
Would U fight it or defend it

If U were no longer blind
From the darkness would U see it

If U have made up your mind
Was it logic that conceived it

If U were offered the cure
Would U taste it then live it

Hey brother - I've got the cure
Hey sister - I've got the cure

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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This song tells me more about the inner strength and resolve of true faith than any sermon I've received.

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Great groove, strong lyrics and vocals, everything just comes together. What a great collab, guys!

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What a fantastic collaboration! I love the unorthodox take on a "gospel" song. really nice job to both of you! The lyrics are thought provoking and that arrangement is top notch.

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This is inspired! Passionate vocals, and a smokin' virtual band. Wow!

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Solid, solid groove. I love the questions we are considering here.

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This. Is. Awesome.
Alex, your vocal kicks ass in this setting. When you had us listen in Slack, I was blown away, and now that's it's mixed in nicely, I am even more impressed. You need to do more of this!
Craig, awesome arrangement, as usual! I am always intrigued by all the little nuances you throw in.
Great message too! Wonderfulness! <3

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I almost didn't recognize the vocal. This is spot on good. And yeah, maybe not strictly in the gospel musical realm, but there's no denying it is. Good arrangement and mix. I like this sound. The drums/rhythm works perfectly.

I'm getting strong Curtis Mayfield vibes - I know I know, the vocal tone is nothing like him, but the VIBE totally is.
Granted, I haven't listened to even close to most of your stuff, @metalfoot, but I, like others, was surprised when I first heard the vocals - thought it was cts doing something different.
Friggin' awesome.
The music - the wah and the bass line in particulare - give me that Mayfield vibe, even a little Isaac Hayes-ish and I love it.
That guitar at 2:06 is also excellent against the rest of the music.
Head = bopping.
Excellent collab, you two.

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I missed this one! and wholeheartedly agree with you @cts about your synopsis of @metalfoot Smile I'm often jealous of the ease that it seems his lyrics just flow out

JuS nailed about exactly how I took this song too!

I'd argue its musically still gospel, especially those little reggae guitar licks Smile I mean if Bob Marley wasn't singing gospel music maybe my whole reality is askew Biggrin (questionable at least) hahah

really awesome job you two!