So Many Ways to Go, So Many Ways to Lose (Corpse A Simple Production)

So Many Ways to Go, So Many Ways to Lose (Corpse A Simple Production)

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Liner Notes: 

Here is the stitched song for the Simple Production Exquisite Corpse. Great music here! And thanks th everybody also for making my job as stitcher so easy. Please take the time when you can to edit and add your own liner notes and/or lyrics.


I see your picture
On my bedroom wall
You’re smiling at me
But you don’t do that anymore

I prefer to remember you
The way you were.

I’ve got a message
From you on my phone
You said you love me
But you don’t say that anymore

I prefer to remember you
The way you were


the way that things are now
it doesn't seem the same
the way that things are now
I know I was to blame

still I think back on times
I remember good things
yes I remember times
I remember the way you were...

I remember the way you were
A little boy on a bike in the rain
I remember your words to her
"Now that's what I call vacation"

Keep it up!
Your undisguised delight's refreshing
Keep growing up
Your undisguised delight's a treasure

where will you go?
there's a distant glow
on the horizon
how will you know?
if it's a pot of gold
or the sun rising

maybe it's not really important
whether you reach your destination
as long each step on the road
provides a source of inspiration
and every corner brings a new sensation

There’s a clamp for every finger
And a saw for every bone
In this land

You’ll dream you were dreaming
When they were peeling the skin from your fingers
But scalpel and forceps
(Such nonchalant trinkets)
Lie bloody on that tray

You’ll die believing
The pith or your senses deceived you
But every chemist
Every quack
Every seeker of facts
Has seen you as you are

There’s a clamp for every finger
And a saw for every bone
In this land


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Nice gritty start! Sph really gives it a pleasant bounce, and Vom picked up the baton seamlessly. I'm kind of sorry to have rained on that happy parade. Way to bring it home. Huzzah!

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Great transitions abound here! And as usual the song completely changes tone and meaning by the end. Smile Great corpse, folks.

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This rules. Love seeing collabs, especially when everyone gets to take the lead. Clever transition!

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Excellent stuff, this has a really nice flow to it. First corpse I've taken part in for a few years and it's good to be back on the corpsewagon!

Tabitha L.'s picture

This all works so well! Even though it changed throughout, each direction you all took it in was great.

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Loved the opening and the transition to the next one was so smooth! And so was the next and then the next changed it up just enough for the finale to come in. Well done!

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Right now I can only read the lyrics and comments. Can't wait to get home and hear the whole thing. Exciting

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This is my first time with a corpse. (I hope my mother never reads this). Are the "rules" written down somewhere? How are you guys going about this? I'm picturing you all onstage giving some kind of Concert For Bangladesh. This was great, by the way--you're basically writing new lyrics to an agreed upon chord progression? Right?

Quite the collab!!

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1. Real rocking stuff! Love that fuzzy bass and the sandpapery vox and the stop/start rhythm. 2. Mellows down quite nicely but then returns to full rocking mode. 3. I like the reggae-ish/Beatle-ish rhythm and the light air of psychedelia. 4. Real pop candy - sweet and catchy as heck. Nice background vocals. 5. Suitably weird lyrics - clamps, saws, forceps, scalpels, etc. It was a happy song 'till you got hold of it! Seriously, though, this is nice gloomy folk. 6. Very weird, with great vocals.

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What a ride. This is actually pretty profound to me. It's like a multiverse rhapsody in first person. My brain needs to recover from that but I'll be back.

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Smooth transitions from song to song. All really had an appeal and rhythm that was familiar from the previous song but unique in its own right. Great work.

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Oh I love the twists and turns in this one. Yet the transitions were smooth and overall well done everyone!

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Just realized I've never commented on this corpse, even though I was the stitcher…. Anyway, this was a real treat to work on. Everybody came up with such interesting tracks and they all made it so easy for me to stitch things together. It practically stitched itself! One of my favorite corpses I've ever been involved in, and not because I was the stitcher. I just love all the songs and wish I could have full-length versions of each one. They would be so good on an album together. Kudos to everyone on a job well done.