Push My Button

Push My Button

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Liner Notes: 

This started out as a "let's see what I can come up with in an hour" session on FAWMStock yesterday. After finally catching a few hours' sleep (I got to bed at 3am) I went back to this and spent another couple of hours on it to finish it off. I think I have now quite clearly strayed into that musical genre known as "pomp rock."

Any resemblance to the boss of any electric car company who also has his own space program is completely unintentional and a complete coincidence.


My plan is now complete
The world lies at my feet
You won't get your last-minute save
Your spying boyfriend's in his grave

Now I've seized power
While you have nothing
This is my hour
I'm going to push my button

How else can I express my might?
Stole every satellite in flight
Became the terror of the seas
and started killing off the bees

Now folk buy my electric cars
I'll spend retirement on Mars
and leave the rest of you behind
I've had enough of humankind

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cool simmering evil baddie vocal with maniacal laughing music, steepled fingers white fluffy cat, great skirmishing, sorry to have missed it - i will try to catch it at some point!

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Wow. This was good last night but it is solid as a rock now. The narrative is great.

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Another one that reminds me of Depeche Mode. Well done!

See You In The Shadows…

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I like this creepy song! Feels like the theme song to a cartoon about an evil genius. Great music and lyrics.

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I love the dark, sci-fi feel to this song. The lyrics are great, "Now folk buy my electric cars / I'll spend retirement on Mars" is clever as hell! This reminds me of something the band Garbage would make, it a cross between a rock and a dark dance song. Whatever genre you want to call it, I love it!

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Very energetic and propulsive song, makes me imagine the villain singing this while racing to Mars in his secret escape rocket after pushing the button. Like the build up the arrangement, like how it keeps growing more and more grandiose. Your voice sounds really great in this one too.