Apocalypse Colored Glasses

Apocalypse Colored Glasses

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Liner Notes: 

This has been knocking around in my head for a few days. I bet there's another verse to be had but I don't have it yet. Maybe the instrumental bridge could have lyrics. Anyway, seems timely.


Climate change and rising seas
Arctic melt revealing new disease
Goodbye whales and honey beed
Hello hoards of killer zombies

Krakens rise from the ocean floor
Mutants rise from nuclear war
Malevolent robot overlords
And genetically engineered dinosaurs

Apocalypse colored glasses on my face
Make the world seem like a better place
Now I'm whistling a jaunty tune
This will all be over soon

Earthquakes, fires and tropical gales
Illuminati planting chem trails
Rockets scream and sirens wail
Mass extinction on a global scale

Hell froze over and pigs can fly
As meteors fall out of the sky
There's a Valkyrie singing her battle cry
Curtains fall now wave goodbye

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sounds like a day of watching crappy movies on cable tv.

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Catchy and great tongue-in-cheek humour to to the lyrics.

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Love the contrast between the upbeat music (uke and whistling) and the catalogue of disasters lyrics - a bit like REM's 'End of the World' in that respect. Like the sudden ending.

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Gosh, everything sounds better when you use a ukulele, right?
Hilarious lyrics for sure.
I think you nailed it with the line "This'll all be over soon"; we'll soon be gone and Nature will just go on doing its thing without us.
Great tune for sure.
Nice ending.

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Haha, this is great. "Apocalypse colored glasses on my face, make the world seem like a better place," is an incredible line. The ending is clever, too.