That Starry Night

That Starry Night

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Trying to discover some new ways compose by playing instruments I don't know. Also using my non-dominant process of music-first, lyrics-second, trying to fit a mood. I found a cool new bV/IV, bVI/V blues substitution so I'm counting it as a success. Played a little piano here in order to understand what chords I'd played on guitar. Never mind the roughness and intonation on this recording, just trying to get it down for now.


Moon in Leo, snow soft and bright
The air electric that starry night
That starry night
Country miles, private worlds
In the shadowed space I heard
Turbulent blues in your eyes
That starry night
The earth revolved, the colors ran
The moment never came again
That starry night
That starry night

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You sang, "turbulent blues," with a classic and downright cool blues vocal delivery. There's a ton of improv playing and a ton of feeling, which put me at home immediately. The chord progression is, again, COOL! I really dig this a lot. It really took me somewhere.

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the guitar sounds realy cool with that piano. the movement of the music is fairly traditional, but the guitar harmonies under the piano make it really special.

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Ooh...those progressions. Once again I am taken by your fearlessness when it comes to your approach to creating music. I remember a comment you made on the boards some years ago about writing lyrics first and then adding the music and that was your usual format for creating a song. The guitar and piano relationship gives this a good flavor to the ear. Love it, love it, love it!

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I like the piano and guitar duet. Weird, interesting chords for sure, but making sense.

I like the scene you're setting, a memory, lots of details. That starry night is a lovely refrain, and the knowledge that this never happened again.

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Oooh, that velvety atmosphere is wonderful, I really enjoy it. Loving how the piano work adorn these gorgeous guitar chords. Your vocals are delicious, sound almost shy in some places, which fits the mood of the song perfectly! Awesome.

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Oooh, I like this. An ambience of wood-panelled walls, lights down low, leather armchairs, cup of coffee on the table...

So glad to hear someone beginning their guitar-playing adventures. May you have many more!