32 degrees

32 degrees

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by hot weather


32 Degrees

Cool sun glasses
In a heatwave
Feet up relaxed
Posing like true hip art
Horray for them sunny days
Sunny days

Lonely sun bed
Bright red cocktail
Low cut swim suit
Aiming for a bronzed tan
Lying alone skin tone pale
Skin tone pale

Mercury rises to 32 Degrees
I'm a lonely single
Looking for a breeze
To blow in a lover
To share these needs
Heats turned above
32 Degrees

Stretch those long legs
Dip in the pool
Solo swim to unwind
Moving with a true grace
Water helps on staying cool
Staying cool

(Repeat chorus)

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topical, some good imagery, and reminds me of the heat which weirdly ive been thriving in. until the night comes and its too weird to sleep! can imagine some nostalgic summer guitar and rnb mixture in this, the sort youd see on music channels in the uk when theyve got the chill tunes on. well done! Smile

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I can visualize this very well. Vivid lyric and well constructed!