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Liner Notes: 

From the week 6 prompt Flower.



I run through the fields of red
Something light and fun
Is happening in my head

I touch the petals gently
Breathing in fresh air
Is letting this beast feel free

I dance past these red flowers
Dizzy sights shine bright
I'm losing days losing hours

Travel down to my deep thoughts
Pray to the symbol
Of brave battles that were fought

To hold a poppy
Shows a spectrum clearly,
of what life can be
Dark pain, of hallucinogenic joy
The colour of blood, spilt in the soil
Where folk were destroyed
Some succumb, to the drug
To replace, heartbreaking love
And that's simply, the story
Of the Poppy
Of the Poppy

I feel the emotional lift
Invoked inside me
Presented like a gift

I know those Lords seek your seeds
Hunting them for cash
Always a lost soul to please

(repeat Chorus)

What a trip
Inside these fields
It's fantastic
Feeling unreal
What a trip
Among red
Just love this
Rich flower bed

(repeat chorus)

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I love the images and feeling of euphoria you create with this lyric. The chorus is powerful and the bridge makes me feel like I have joined you on this mind bending trip.

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Mind bending quality of the lyrics as well as the poppy's history and properties woven together. Nicely done!