The Sheen of the Lab

The Sheen of the Lab

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Liner Notes: 

I dunno. This took a couple days. I started off with sounds from Spitfire Audio's "LABS" sounds, which are all free. Then I added an analog synth line, the main melody. Then some strings. Cellos from LABS, others from Spitfire Audio plugins.

I spent some time on this, but it's not "composed", really. I could tell you what the chords are if you give me a few minutes to work it out. But it's mostly improvised by ear.


Not this time.

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always refreshing to spend a bit of the morning floating in space.

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No fault in impro that actually works. This one flows along like a slow viscous stream. Not honey, but something a little spicier, less sweet.

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It does feel like floating in space with those long sustained notes, slow-changing harmonies and wide range. The synth melody is pretty. I particularly like the short bits of strings and what sounds like it could be a sitar peeking in there.

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This took me on a lovely trip. Some of the synth loop reminded me of Tomorrow Never Knows, which is certainly good company to be keeping.

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Great title; it really describes these sounds.
A great headphone mix here.
Some nice space music to start my day, thanks! Smile