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Liner Notes: 

@coolparadiso original lyrics here:

I was very moved by his lyrics and heard some interesting moments in my mind. Full disclosure: I'm always a little hesitant to act upon others' lyrics. I reached out to him and I saw that @marthienel had already taken a go at it. I was encouraged to post nonetheless. So, here it is. The idea of the "thud" is suppose to symbolize a knocking at the door of the heart. And I totally forgot to record the last line of the song...d'oh! And I opted not to start with the chorus.

How I did it:
Recorded using Acid Pro 6
Alesis V49 MIDI controller for virtual instruments: Piano
Bass - 5 string Ibanez
Vocals - yours truly
Mic - Sennheiser


Trying 2 understand
Often that I’ve tried
I think I'd find many ideas
Tangled up inside

Would i find the remedy
To that which makes you smile
If not forever
At least for a little while

Effervescent overflowing
Babbling like a brook
What is playing in you mind
I would like a look

I never seem to get it right
No matter how hard i try
If i could have a little peak
Perhaps id know why

Buy maybe i Don’t want to know
Maybe nothing to gain
The truth might only just
Give me greater pain

Effervescent overflowing
Babbling like a brook
What is playing in you mind
I would like a look

Oh well i guess ill never know
So i will just remain true
And just learn to live
With The mystery thats you

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An intriguing complex bit of art music here. I looked at these lyrics too and had a much more conventional set of thoughts! Clever and inventive. I realsied late on in the song that the instrumentation is actually very simple while delivering compelxities! (I think I might steal some of this. After all, I'm a real composer, and real composers steal! all the time!)

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Love the images in that chorus. Gorgeous setting of these words. That chord progression supports the words so well - unexpected, cyclical, pleasantly unresolved. The unison between the piano and vocal in the chorus is a lovely touch, too. A cool new direction musically!

Great track! Delicate vocals that really go for it in the choruses. Great high notes! I like the instrumental, some nice touches like the piano and bass at the chorus and the subtle atmospheric elements.

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yeahm those vocals on the chorus are what really make the song for me. its fun to hear Johns lyrics given such a poppy treatment.

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Ah, nice to hear some coolparadiso lyrics "on their own"--in the sense that it is usually his musical arrangement that grabs me.

Speaking of arrangement, just...WOW! What a great job you've done on this. Very nice music bed there and your vocal is flawless!

Great song!

Very nice indeed. Thx for doing this! Great vocals and a lovely arrangement.

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The sparse arrangement is great here. It really lets that amazing vocal shine. (You take it to another level when you're doing the duet with yourself.) I like where you ended things. It leaves us with a hopeful feeliing rather than one of resignation. The "effervescent" verse flows so beautifully, rather like a brook

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i like the asymmetry of this. very contemplative, love how the instruments follow the vocal line, esp the bass which is lovely too btw. very nice collab!

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Very beautiful song and collaboration. The lyrics create a very moving atmosphere and the music adds the touch of mystery. Gorgeous and very unique sound. Amazing vocals which go straight into my heart. Very poignant, sad and loving song. The echo of the vocals add to a very special atmosphere. The instrumentation is also amazing. Everything works so well and it leaves the feeling of immence sadness. I have a question about the moment around 2'52: is it a gun shot?

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For some reason this makes me think of early Genesis. I really like the performance & delivery of coolparadiso's lyrics. The piano mixed with those synthy bits bubbling in the background is very effective. Great collab!

See You In The Shadows…

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I love the poetry of these lyrics and the chorus is so wonderfully visual. This music delivers them so perfectly - the flow is magical and effervescent. This is really a gem!