Bad Driver

Bad Driver

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Liner Notes: 

When one person drives the relationship badly


Bad Driver

You like control
Seems to be
In you soul
It's your front seat
You sit in
next to me
Watching wheels roll

But running there on that road
We should both choose which way to go

I bite my nails afraid
You're a bad driver
When you take us down lanes
We shouldn't go
And I'm scared
We won't survive this
Seeing you at the wheel
Going against the flow
that exists

You swerve unsure
I see all
the hurt caused
Should be careful
As this road
is dreadful
Foots on the floor

(repeat PC and Chorus)

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I can tell you I know this circumstance full well. For some it's hard to get out of the passenger seat. What's scary also is that when you're in the "car" and you see where the road leads to way before you get there (maybe even before you get in the car) and yet we go for the ride anyway.

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Good either way, as metaphor or as the prelude to Dead Man's Curve. ANd the feeling of powerlessness in the passenger comes across both ways.