I Am So Malapropos

I Am So Malapropos

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I am buffering a nervous shakedown
I'm buttering a toast to you
They're feting me from here to Cake Town
For all the up words that I screw

I am so malapropos
Gotta, lotta, what a, flow
I am so malapropos
Come on now, watch me go

Don't wanna upset the apple tart
In the slimes we are living in
I'll invoke my right against self-discrimination
And fade into Bolivian

I am so malapropos ...

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Great writing. I read the lyrics first and expected a Noel Coward piano song then the music came - it's amazing - so strong. But back to the lyrics, they are very, very good. So many great lines including the apple tart and the slimes we are living in. Fantastic skirmish writing and performing.

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Gorgeous song! Very strong, catchy and original. Amazing skirmish. Definitely a keeper!

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I was succoured in by the title, and the coverall standard did not waiver one-eyed otter from start to Finnish. Ex-quizzic work!

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*applause* I did a proper laugh at the last line. And the music and effects really work well with it! So fun.

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Love the jerky, time-stopping groove, really got my body moving - and that groove worked so well int he context of your lyric. You came up with some clever malapropisms that made me laugh.

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The staccato funky adds spice to the word salad. A hint of all sorts of spices and flavors Smile

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So quirky, clever, and delightful. Love the punchy piano and syncopated rhythm. Cool background vocals! I love the creative word play. Seems so apropos to the many little language mash-ups that we hear these days - which would also be quirky and fun if they didn’t come from someone who we (the collective we here, not me) entrusted to run our country.

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This actually made me laugh a lot! all in a very great way of course........those little stuttery rhythms always make me smile, that quirky chorus delivery is amazing!
Great stuff! fade into bolivian indeed!

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Interesting rhythm. It's cool how you did the vocal effect and it works very well. That rhythm gets almost addictive. I'm missing it now that the song is over.

very clever, yup i know this feeling! fun and well done! a great mix as well in it!

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Maaaaaaaannnn....this is like the weirdest, bestest, thing I've heard all day. See - is songs like THIS that keep me in wonder of you! I really love this! It's got this kinda quirk that draws me to Little Dragon!

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Ha! "Fade into Bolivian" Great fun - and malapropos apropo-pos

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Man, weird chorus is a load of fun. So is that weird little bass line. This song is punctuation to the Nth degree.

And fade into Bolivian.