Squirrel Matador

Squirrel Matador

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Liner Notes: 

This is the fourth and final track inspired by a photograph of a collection of advertisements tied to a traffic light in Wakefield that's been doing the rounds on social media. Yes, honestly. https://imgur.com/t/funny_signs/vWBvxPo

And because I'm a nerd, I found the exact traffic light on Google Maps. Yes, honestly. https://goo.gl/maps/nM384mo6b7bSxbND8

I thought I knew how this one would sound; silly, silly me. As always when I use the Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra "Discover" package, this took off in a completely different direction and clearly had a mind of its own, so I tagged along to see what would happen.


He strides into the ring
but he knows this time could be his last
They treat him like a king
but he knows all his glory days are past
take one last hurrah
cashing in his reputation
facing down the greatest foe of all

He wore this same capote in his prime
knows his temporada's out of time

It's time to take a bow
but he knows this fight will raise the roof
Enjoy the here and now
but he knows he needs to face the truth
Is this au revoir?
He's going to miss the adulation
As the spotlight hits, he's standing tall

It's time to face the beast
but he knows he fights his war inside
He won't be present at the feast
but he knows his exit will be dignified
Used to be a star
There won't be an abdication
All that's left to do is take the fall

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I like it, a washed-up squirrel matador facing the beast for the last time. The bass line is very funky, contrasting nicely with the (violas and cellos?).

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you have got a really original sound here. u especially love the bass and your vocal... everything lurches around like a punch drunk boxer , yet it never loses or drops a beat.

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It's great how much mileage you've got out of a photo of a lamp post with some signs on. This is another interesting track. Really like the bassline and the whole idea od the squirrel matador's last stand.

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I'm came for the title. That's an image I will never get out of my head. This is a really well crafted song, performed with some brio. I really like the groove, and it's certainly quite catchy. The bridge (capote) is really effective. Top to bottom I think this works. (My wife really hates squirrels, so this is extra amusing for me)

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Very catchy. That riff just gets in your head. The different instruments just blend into awesomeness.

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Darker than I expected it to be, but in a really good way. I just love the image of a battle-scarred squirrel matador. And the synths are excellent!

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That lead synth is just juicy. And the BBC Orchestra is wonderful as ever. But what I like most about this are the lyrics. What a great story. It could be about any washed up star trying for one last crack at success. Great stuff (as always), HFO Biggrin

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