Ahhh 20 Visions

Ahhh 20 Visions

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This is infectious, I can tell I'm going to have this figure in my head for the next week.

As a Brit, the references weren't familiar to me, so I Googled "Washington Three" and really wished I hadn't (there's a far-right political group with a very similar name).

Lovely bright mix and plenty going on. This one had me laughing at all the action at the back.

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This is infectious....the added background samples are an excellent touch, thought you were gonna do us a little electronica disco ditty from the intro hahahah, made me listen a few more times to catch them all Wink they fade in and out nicely, they're mixed in just right, you hear it, it's there, but leaves one guessing and having to listen a little closer Biggrin You giving the samples a call and response is an awesome touch!

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Well, this was a lot different from what I dubbed a "Scottish Anthem" last week (BTW, I am uploading my own "Scottish Anthem"--or is it Irish?--as I post this comment).

Those are indeed some interesting vocal effects you're getting there. Great job!