Chicken Whisperer

Chicken Whisperer

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Liner Notes: 

I'm taking a rest from playing guitar (or bass, or stick) for a few days to try and let my left elbow heal.

And I have no idea where this current batch of stuff is coming from. I'm just sitting here, going "whoa..." I can hear Mike Oldfield, I can hear Philip Glass, and I borrowed Devin Townsend's "Devkit" drum kit from SD3's "Progressive Foundry."

And this is in 7/8, natch.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like the combination of that steady line and the compound time. Then the synths for a bit of backing. Or maybe that's the Spitfire symphony.

Lovely build, and the dynamics are really well built. And the title. I'm waiting, really, for the squirrel matador, a bit of flamenco perhaps.

Even more dramatic, the build toward the end, then a decrescendo to go out nicely, Reprising the piano line.

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This is fantastic! A wonderful chill vibe with a great title. Even thought there is no bass there is a really nice bottom foundation that the lines dance gently on top. It is easy to get swept away and transported to another world that seems much nicer than a chicken coop.

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this kind of reminds me of the exorcst. must be the bells.

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Has a chilled vibe in the overall sound in the early section, but that odd time signature keeps you slightly off balance. Nice introduction of the cellos and then the rest of the orchestra towards the end. Gets quite dramatic at the end; the track really evolves.

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Oh my. Those bells are mesmerizing. And when the synths come in, things just get creepier. This goes to so many different places while still sticking close to its foundation. I absolutely love this, Chris Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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I like when you write that you have no idea where this current batch of stuff is coming from. It looks as a door has been unlocked and all of this stuff pours out of you.
Fascinating stuff

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Oh this is amazing, was just dropping by real quick to let you know I got corpse segment.....had to stop for the titles Frog Juggler/Mole something and this chicken whisperer hahaha!
Some great sounds here! I still haven't tried out that BBC thing, but have to after I've heard the couple things you've done with it, this is such a beautiful composition that just takes you all over the place but those bells keep bringing it back home! even though there is a great buildup all throughout with all the additional layers that come in so nicely, never overdone! very nice!

Some great chicken whispering here, nice and tranquil coop, not the usual affair...all the hens clucking and pecking trying to get to the top cause shit only goes downhill Wink my metaphor for most office/corporate jobs as well Wink

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Yes, I hear echoes of Glass and Oldfield also, except they're not actually echoes, they're yours (and don't forget it). It's the repetitive/hypnotic patterns and the odd time signatures that make people say "ah, Oldfield/Glass" but that really puts this sort of creation down patronisingly. It's not derivative at all, it's new, using techniques others also use! ( I haven't done much with Spitfire, I keep downloading everything free they throw at me!)

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I love how this builds. The percussion had my interest right away. I think it is very intriguing and also, an element of fun.

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I'm with Bill - I, too, am reminded a little of The Exorcist theme. Sounds great though. I can hear the Phillip Glass influence, too. The patterns you've arranged feel other worldly. Pretty cool track, Chris. Hope your elbow recovers quickly. In the meantime enjoy your new medium.