Where Have all the Billboards Gone?

Where Have all the Billboards Gone?

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by songs like "Where Do the Children Play?" by Cat Stevens. I thought it would be fun to reverse the main idea.


I remember when this street was a perfect mess
an excess of garbage and litter and all the detritus
of human existence:
shards of glass, discarded crap, hungry rats
cigarette butts and boarded-up storefronts

And oh how those billboards towered majestically
over everything and we
knew just where to go for shady lawyers
and shoddy doctors, easy credit and sleazy
debt collectors, junk food and french fried potatoes

Now they've torn everything down and turned it into a park
it's green and full of trees and flowers and ladies
pushing strollers and toddlers and dogs frolicking
amid the birds and the bees

But I miss the billboards and garbage
cos I'm - guess who? Oscar the Grouch

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such a catchy rollin along bass riff. i like the angle and the payoff and love the play out over that riff

Weird dance music, alright! I like the lyrics a lot and the beat over it. Nice acoustic part also, cool track!

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Your titles frequently elicit a chuckle from me, even before I know what the song is really about. I ain't gonna lament the loss of those billboards, though they're not going anywhere, not until we're living in the planet of the apes anyway. That guitar riffage is super cool and catchy. I love the little "solo." Another magnificent lyric. We don't have a lot of billboards around here. Whenever I'm in a city like Las Vegas I always marvel at the ridiculous billboards for personal injury lawyers. This is a good one, a potential hit if you can get a famous rapper to cover it

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amerca defines itself by its billboards.if the billboards go, america is truly lost. the theme is simlar ro the talking heads song nothing but flowers,love that bass line.

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Hahaha I love the M. Night Shyamalan twist at the end there.
Nice drone you get goin here.
Great bass line.
That instrumental break is gold.
Well done.

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I like your love for messy things, I agree, it's got something to it that holds better stories. Reminds me of: broken glass everywhere, people pissing on the stairs, you know they just don't care. Huuhhuuhhuuh.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PobrSpMwKk4 Smile Very cool bass line to enjoy. Drums sound a bit like garbage cans, but I guess my imagination wants it to sound like them.

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Love the list of things the billboards advertised. Bass works beautifully. Bill's comment on Talking Heads made me think this could fit pretty well into that era, with a kooky video. Lots of fun.

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See, I saw the title and instantly thought "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" by Pete Seeger, so the music made my ears all perk up. I love when my expectations are subverted. I really like the very steady forward energy of the bass and drums with the longer sort of trippy meandering of the vocals. The layering is a nice touch.