Frog Juggler

Frog Juggler

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Liner Notes: 

The second of a series of songs inspired by a photograph of various adverts tied to a traffic light which I tracked down to a roundabout on the A636 in Wakefield. This traffic light, in fact:

The titles will be getting weirder.

Since I got a copy of Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra "Discover" VST, it's safe to say that my compositions have been getting more and more grandiose. I have no idea where this will lead, but I'm having a whale of a time tagging along. This one's in 5/4, but just for kicks I played a couple of instruments (including the marimba) as seven over five, just because I could, and because it worked.

And no guitars, because still it hurts to play 'em. Even the fretless bass was a struggle. Expect exclusively synth-based stuff from me for the rest of the week.

Edit (4/8/20): I'd ignored my own advice and mixed this with tired ears after a full-on day of video editing. As a result the mixdown was all over the place. I've gone back and tightened everything up.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love that title! This would be great in a movie or show. Loved my listen!

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How could I NOT listen to a tune called Frog Juggler. And in 5/4 no less. I love this so much. The fretless sounds amazing. Enjoyed this.

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Had to check out a song with that title! Lovely sounds here - LOVE the fretless bass, and the keys and chimes add a nice swoony atmosphere. That unusual time signature really sounds like juggling would sound if translated to drums. Guitars barely missed!

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Ooh, pretty. Like travelling through an anime solar system. I feel like I've either just beaten, or am just about to begin, a really satisfying JRPG.

This is gorgeous, and suffers not one whit for all its grandiosity. Such an unusual sound, but so sublime.

have to listen to a tune with that title and worthwhile it was. very pleasing and relaxing, then nicely picks up with the added instruments

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love the fretless as the main melody voice. love that 5/4 groove and flow. the glock sound bits esp put me in mind of the Orb music they used in the 2012 olympics opening ceremony. grand and dreamy. love it - listened to it a few times and have a real vivid image of the title and can imagine a collab that doesnt trample over all the fantastic instrumentation and arrangement if you were up for some collaborative vocals/lyrics on it??? if not then anyway it stands as a fine instrumental (obvs) - really gorgeous track.

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Before hearing the tune I expected the frogs to be smaller (and even feared the use of some frog "ribbits"). Very noble setting for the fretless melody. Your use of polymetrics is quite catchy. Nice mood change around 3:15.
A bit too much reverb on the drums for my taste - but: the orchestral percussion at the end needs that big space!

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Wow, so you really are following through on those song titles.
I love anyone who mixes time sigs.
A really lush production here.
So many awesome sounds in the headphones.
Like ballooning over a Martian canyon.
Needs more frogs, though.

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Even on it's own, that melodic bass would be a complete piece of music. Inside a full arrangement, it transported me.

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Glorious piece to become immersed in, eyes closed! Loved the timpani appearing toward the tail end of that build; so satisfying. I feel like I’ve just had a mental massage!

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Well, the intriguing title is just the start. Very cool sound and melody. Great production. This is an experience!

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I can't add anything that hasn't already been said. This is fabulous! And fretless! Excellent choice for this track, sirrah!

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That fretless (as others have said) is the star of this one. This is just fabulous!

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