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Liner Notes: 

I told Nancy that I would love to do a piano/vocal EP with her at some point. Very simple. Her piano. My vocal. Very minimal overdubs. I wrote these lyrics as a test of sorts to see how this might work. So think of this as a demo of a demo of an EP that may happen at some point in time. What I thought would be cool was to try and find the melody and the hook on the fly. I think I found the hook. The melody is rather iffy, but I like the spur-of-the-moment feel it has. Of course I didn't follow the words totally and that's okay. This is only a test...

How we did it:
Recorded using Acid Pro 7 (Piano) and Studio One 3 (Vocals and final mixdown).
I used the Abbey Road plates plugin.


In all my life I've never wanted anything as much as I want 2 B known by U
Every moment that passes by I wonder if U feel the same way 2
Many nights my mind takes liberty 2 think of ways just 2 talk 2 U
And just when I think I've found the words 2 say how I feel
In the end I never do

The hardest part is when I try
And then I turn around and ask myself why? why? why?

it's back 2 the beginning again
It seems this movie never ends
My broken heart will never mend
It's the the beginning again

There R days I see the rain and wonder if angels really cry
With each tear I think of U but the feelings stay deep inside
Sometimes it's easy 2 say I don't want 2 but often I'm just believing lies
And just when I think there's a reason 2 tell U
Suddenly my mind just can't decide

And Just when I feel most alive
That's when it seems U just say good-bye

it's back 2 the beginning again
It seems this movie never ends
My broken heart will never mend
It's the the beginning again

Why is it U remain a mystery
Every piece of the puzzle is askew
If only U would know sincerely
How my beating heart yearns 4 U

it's back 2 the beginning again
It seems this movie never ends
My broken heart will never mend
It's the the beginning again

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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wow, wow, and just.... wow! this is incredible in every way. The whole thing sounds like a close collaboration, with each vocal phrase and winding melody so expertly cradled and prodded by the piano - its jazzy but somehow 'beyond genre' too..... and an emotional and on-target lyric that makes the most of every line.

great job to you both!!! wow! this should go on that EP, which I will happily line up for and buy!

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I see your point about the spur-of-the-moment feel. I think this a strength, and the song plays to it. Lends a certain honesty and intimacy to the piece, supported by the light, breathy vocals and the gentle, savoury piano.

The lyrics are really good, too. They're poetic without sounding like you set out to write poetry; a symbol of the fact that you simply can't describe the experience in straighforward, prosaic terms.

A wonderful late-night-moods piece that reminds me (in a very good way) of mid-to-late-90s R&B and pop. Gave me a warm nostalgia which, along with everything else, has prompted me to go back for more.

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Beautiful and unexpected melodic progression. Impressive vocal work CTS, and a beautiful and jazzy piano line, Nancy. Great work!

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it doesnt feel off the cuff to me. reminds me of one of my favorite Prince songs, Condition of the heart. you do a terrifuc job of finding the melodies implied in the chord prigressions.

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Melody tends to be my weakness--and, frankly, I tend to just sing whatever happens myself. Makes for some happy accidents. You definitely have a great sense yourself for melody--this has some terrific moments. Great piano arrangement. Wonderful collaboration, you guys!

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Oooooo, so nice! I feel like I’m part of a theater rehearsal. Lovely piano and vocals!

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Very beautiful romantic song and collaboration. I love the free spirited jazzy vibes and your duet is absolutely awesome. Gorgeous work.

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Really nicely crafted, y'all. The piano is setting the pace and the structure, and the vocal is fantastic.

I like the idea of a loop movie we are trapped in.

The chorus is really nice, some surprising chordal moves and the falsetto vocal range really work.

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Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! Love the piano, love the vocals! The track as a whole feels so cohesive, I would've had no idea the vocal line was improvised if it hadn't been said in the liner notes. Very soulful vocal delivery as well, and that melody is just so lovely. A most enjoyable listen all around - fantastic work, both of you!

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Improvised? Wow! It's pretty rich, emotionally. I really love it when you go high. Back to the beginning again--that is a good hook. There's a whole lot to like here. If you ever tried to nail it down fully, you'd have to be careful not to lose the spirit that this definitely has