Full Burner

Full Burner

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Liner Notes: 

This is a little car song. I'm not a car guy but I love old Chevy's, my dream car being a 79-81' Z28. So sometimes I make songs like this. When I was 10 I had a short lived obsessed with cars. I played games like Driv3r, LA Rush, Simpson's Hit & Run, Corvette and Burnout Revenge on the PS2. I also loved Knight Rider. Especially when Hasselhoff would hit turbo boost and KITT would do a crazy jump over something. Or Super Pursuit Mode, the insane and ridiculous thing were all these things popped out of KITT and the editor's sped the footage up to make it look like he was going ultra fast. Good old cheesy TV.

An anime I love is Bakuon!!. It's about a group of high school girls who ride motorcycles. They basically make a few of the characters embody middle age guys arguing about what company is the best. It's insane and hilarious. It also has Jesus wearing a bowl of noodles on his head. So I put a bit of that in this song's race scenario.

At first I didn't like how this song sounded but once I step away from a track for a bit it gets better. I just gotta move the levels a bit. Recording can be annoying in that I get good sounds and tones one day but not the next. You never know how a track will sound.

and yes "Living Loving Maid" in the intro.


With a, 79', Chevy so fine
She smashes through the front door
"Come on baby, we gotta get away"
No time just heel to the floor (now)

We gotta make tracks alright

Afterburners, a tight turner
Turbo boost to the higher incline
Tokyo drift, through a corner
'Bout to lose my lunch and my mind

Full burner, through a forest night
Full burner, alright

Motorcycle, school girl Seiko
Slipstream into the rear view
Change the 8-Track, SMACK baby SMACK
Arcade racer will pass on through

Full burner, Nightcore jitters
Full burner, alright

Full burner, in super pursuit
Full burner, alright

I'm really jumpy, ride goes bumpy
Gravel roads, Northwestern terrain
Come on baby, Don't Say "Lazy"
We gonna make it in the fast lane

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Listening on little speakers...sounds great. Solid rock n roll...good vocals...guitar and drums always sound great. Catchy chorus full burner, alright. guitar solo kicks ass. Love them drums! Love the sound effects. Sounds like a hit record to me...great job.

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Great rock song. Sounds like the perfect motorcycle/car song! Fab guitar solo!

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I like the combo of rolling drums and squealing guitar after "alright." Solo thick and nasty and then all frantic and widdly - love it!

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sounds fantastic in my headphones. love this futuristic retro rock and roll. its got everything i have been loving to hear through all these years.

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Sounds great on my studio monitors, classic raunchy and dirty 70's rock n'roll vibe, nice chunky guitar solo tone.

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I like the joyous vibe of this song. Lots of energy going in the right place to hook and entertain your listeners, make them tap their foot and put them in good mood. The "straight" quality of the sound is just perfect here, and the guitar solo super effective. Well done.

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In terms of rock music essentials, cars and bikes are only second to songs about girls.
Yeah, a testosterone fuelled high speed performance, with streamlined words that speed past with a V8 melody. Fuck it I know nothing about cars, rock n roll's my forte and this is bloody good Kurtis.

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I've always wanted an old Caddy with giant fins.
Great punk attitude goin' on here for sure.
Lovely rock 'n' roll guitar solo you whipped out there.
Great ending.
Nicely done.

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OK, I just checked out Bakuon. It's awesome! Don't know how I missed it. I can see that the soundtrack is part of the reason you love it (I really liked the b3 in the song at the start of episode 2). I was supposed to catch up on my watch list, but now I'm binging on Bakuon Lol

Alright, I gotta talk about this song. I love that main riff. It just grabs you & takes you on the ride. The lyrics are awesome. Especially the line about changing the 8-track. Oh, I really like the solo, how the whole feel & tempo seems to change up. Great job!

Now back to Bakuon!

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. The only car I ever loved was a Lambourghini Biggrin

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What a fun track! Very cool guitar sound as always, definitely has that motorcycle race feel to it. I especially love the vocal delivery and that extra bit of flair from the percussion each time it hits the line "Full burner, alright". Great work!

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Those solos are inspired! This is cool and fun too. Love this rock attitude, guitar/bass/drums all work fittingly together too.

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Yes, it does indeed rock. It kind of reminds me of somebody like The Saints, Radio Birdman or The Dictators. Not any of them specifically but kind of that sort of rock and roll. Awesome lead guitar never hurts either.

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This song has such awesome energy! And the guitar solo absolutely slaps. I also really love the energy behind the drums when they go into that kind of galloping rhythm at the end of the chorus. Awesome!