Blackberry Ramble

Blackberry Ramble

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Liner Notes: 

I found some wild blackberries along one of my favorite trails a couple weeks ago, and thought I'd write a tune about it on the fiddle a friend gave me recently. After a fiddle accident, I set the idea aside. Did a quick sketch tonight on ukulele, uke bass, electric guitar.


On a day or two
in mid-July
When the grass is tall
And the sun is high
Wind is whispering
In your window
You step outside
And your feet just go

Everywhere you look
It’s a wild bouquet
Clover, daisies
And Queen Ann’s Lace
as you amble
You’re on
a blackberry ramble

In the tangled shadows
They overflow
Food for the belly
And food for the soul
Sweet purple jewels
Fruit of the bramble
On a blackberry ramble

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A summer sweetie this one. Not just for the birdsong! Reminds me I havent'picked blackberries for ever so long (and it's the depths of winter here. And mulberries, from the century old mulberry trees of my childhood. I think you've evoekd a whole lot of things with this song! (BTW I'm ahving the same fiddle situation, so it'll be recorders or whistle instead!)

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The baby robins ate all of my blackberries.
I sat and watched the mom robin pick em and jam em in to the babies' mouths.
That's ok, they need to eat too.
This is a really nice tune here.
A lovely summer song.
The uke is great and that little guitar break really made the whole tune for me.
Great work!

Nice breezy song! So short but really enjoyable! Great tune and the additional bird sounds make it.

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nice string work there! its got a great bluegrassy bounce and the music and lyric are made for each other! wonderfully summer-ly poetic and great fun!

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That is so lovely. The melody is catchy and sing-alongable along with places for a mandolin, a fiddle, and the flatpicking guitar to take their turns. This song could easily take an hour to do right! I love it the way it is though.

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There's a trail I'm not walking on much right now because it's crowded. But it would be good for a blackberry ramble. Sweet purple jewels, I do like that.