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Liner Notes: 

Being a little silly after watching A Comedy of Horror with Vincent Price and Peter Lorre.


I kissed U on the lips
When U said I shouldn't
U ask me how I did it
I must confess it was magic
It was magic

I made U fall in love
When U said U shouldn't
U ask me how I did it
I tell U no lies it was magic
It was magic

I made U see Adonis
When I'm so uncomely
U ask me why I did it
I have 2 say it was magic


U tried 2 run away
When U know U shouldn't
U belong 2 me 4 eternity
Bound by the spells of my sorcery
It is magic
It is magic
It is magic

Hocus pocus
Tastee Freeze


2020 The Jelly Factory!

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This is magic! What fun. I went to school with Vincent Price's Great Niece. Over the top great!

cleanshoes's picture

Ha! Love the cha cha rhythm as well as the playful lyrics and production. One to listen to with headphones for sure.

kahlo2013's picture

This is delightful! You definitely put a magical spell on my ear! I love the feel of this and the magical lure of love that is often hard to explain but that is so powerful. Great beat and awesome vocals!

sbs2018's picture

Yes, magic! How fun and so smooth, as always.

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

This is fun! The organ gives it an almost carnival-esque feel. Love the lyrics that are both upbeat and dark. Great job.

Fun song? Yes for sure. Right away this is a Halloween jam. I like the keyboards on this track and all the sound effects. You do great on the tone of this track and giving it that fun ghosts and ghouls type feel. I love that little riff that first plays at 0:20. Enjoyable listen!

Chip Withrow's picture

Fun, and reggae-fied funky. (That carnival organ!) Wacky horror-movie ending, too. I dig it!

tamsnumber4's picture

What a great inspiration, loved that melody and rhythm, it all comes together as your magic!!

Calum Carlyle's picture

Nice. This has a sort of British ska feel, as well as a touch of American funk. Really like the combo.

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I gotta talk to you about how you're creating those chords, because as a piano teacher I listen to this and think you already know the material we're working on. Interested to know your approach!
Anyway, I love ska rhythms, and that with the organ sound and playful lyrics makes this really fun. And another Steve Miller reference! They're everywhere!