Anykind, Anytime

Anykind, Anytime

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Liner Notes: 

In progress work, may update, just thought I'd share Wink

lyrics and such at link

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I love the sound here - the strum and vocals work so well to deliver the embraced melancholy in the lyric. it feels like an acceptance with the reality of the road of life this person is traveling.

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What an amazing mood you've created with this. The guitar rides along like a motorbike on an endless roadtrip; while the vocals give that emotional connection to someone who has stared down the bottom of too many drinks. And the additional bits just add to the sense built up in the rest of the song. Wonderfully done you two!

See You You In The Shadows…

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I smile at the ref to the old Forester. We're still running our 1998 which was our main works car to about 2004-5, all those outbacka nd forest and mountain and desert roads... As a drinking song, I thought this was really good. I don't think it needs working up at all, at all... [Edit] reading your liner notes on Bandcamp, be it said that as a child I swore never again to live anywhere as flat as the Adelaide Plains. And I never did. ENough to drive you to drink, right? ps love the country lazy lead guitar which won't go home at the end!

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Yeah, I like that "bassy" toned guitar, too! Goes well with the vibe of this song.

Wish you'd included the lyrics--having trouble catching them (I have old rock and roll ears!)

Nice job, guys!