If I Live 100 Years

If I Live 100 Years

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Liner Notes: 

I have been thinkng that when you are diagnosed wuth a fatal disease, you might have one to three years to tie up loose ends before dying, but with the coronavirus, you only have from three days to three weeks. not much time to do anything. But then again I thought that no amount of time us ever enought to do everything we want to do.


If I Live 100 years
I would still run short of time
To give you everything thats hidden
Inside this heart of mine

If I make it to 100
I still wouldnt have the time
To finish all I started
And to pass it down the line

If I live to be 100
Ill leave 100 things undone
If dont make it through November
Ill never know whats lost or won

Il never know what made you smile
Or count the number of your tears
Even if I lived forever
Or just another 100 years

If we had 100 years together
Its not enough to show my love
We only know what us below
No sense of what is above

Looking back into the past century
Still so much that is unknown
What I felt like as a baby
How you will feel when you are grown

Every moment everlasting
Whether next or next to last
Will be somewhere in the future
With all thats hidden in the past

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There are quite a few stories of very very old people surviving COVID-19 Bill! A young' un like you would, easily, however don't test it if you can avoid it.This has a gentle reflective mood to it, with a bluesy feel, it's almost a love song, with no complications. I like the looking back combined with the sense of never having enough time. Very nice.

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This is a masterfully written contemplative piece, going into love song territory but not quite hitting that plateau...very well done!
what a tasty guitar riff too as always! changing the tempo constantly, but the vocal delivery keeping everything on point.... love the "background singer" ya got there too hahah, actually adds to the contemplating ones life feel of this!
Another great one!

Yes ive thought all of this. I think i have more done yet more undone each year. I guess thats good, means im still living and growing and not going through the motions. Really cool Bill.

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I've thought of living and dying and everything in between (disease, health, sudden accident, anything and everything). And I wonder and hope that I'll live to 100 years or more. I really dig the country blues-style accompaniment. Well done!

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great lyric, with alot of wisdom and wit in there..and nicely delivered. great job, and a lot to think about. As i think Sinatra once said, "may you make it to 100, and may the last voice you hear be,,, mine!"

Great lyrics and a fitting delivery, I like that you get louder and more intense for the end. Some interesting guitar bits in here also.

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That's some nifty guitar playing - sounds like one of those alternate tunings I avoid.
I love the live feel of this one - another one of the many songs of yours that makes me want to be in a room where you perform them.

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What a well written and moving sentiment...there will never be time enough to do all you want to for a loved one but it seems to me like you're doing as much as you possibly can and for that...good on you Bill...

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Love, love, love these lyrics. I've been thinking thoughts like this myself, of course--what with you and I practically being twins.

"If I live to be 100, Ill leave 100 things undone"--that alone made this worth the listen. Glad I didn't skip this one!

Jeepers, this one is timely. A close friend of mine is currently in intensive care after having a massive stroke earlier this week. He's in his early fifties. Some times you don't get to make plans; life just comes at you without any warning whatsoever. I have been doing a lot of thinking about just what we pass down the line ever since. And late at night, when the question hits you, "is what I've already done enough?" I struggle to come up with an answer...

Loving the guitar on this. Very Jimmy Page-ish in places. Are you using open C?

like the drony indian thing going on. it's a fine nostalgia about not getting unknown future things exactly well baked. some could die just of the whole uncertainty of life and all that raga jazz.

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Timeless topic for a tune. I like the restrained vocals and the guitar (DADGAD?) and the changes of tempo and whatever's going on in the background!