Go Put Your Thing Down

Go Put Your Thing Down

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Liner Notes: 

This one turned in to an absolute mare. It very nearly got away from me; it's taken nearly a week to get it to the point where I'm happy to upload it to the site. Why? A simple case of my ambition outdistancing my reach. There's pretty much all of the Spitfire Audio BBC SO Discover package in play at one point or another during this track, and once I'd thrown in the kitchen sink and most of the rest of the house, I found out there really wasn't space left to do what I'd originally intended to do with the piece - which was spurred by the movie quote that is played, twice, during the bridge. So despite being back on track last week, I've fallen behind the curve again.

Ah well. Chalk this one up as a learning experience.


I'm here to take care of this planet
I'll do it with, or without you
A pity those of you who ran it
Quite clearly didn't have a clue

So now we've got a situation
where standing by no longer works
Let's hope the younger generation
aren't such a bunch of stupid jerks

This point in history is make or break
No room for mystery; make no mistake
go put your thing down
go put your thing down

Even the greatest politicians
Are not completely squeaky clean
But the most clueless statistician
can see it's time to intervene

Will you help to stop their antics?
"Not my circus," goes the shout
While the environment goes frantic
It's time we kicked these monkeys out

They've been ignoring basic guidelines
on how a human should behave
We have to step in from the sidelines
We've got a world we need to save

If we don't act, we face destruction
Don't leave the planet to its fate
I have the simplest of instructions:
act now, before it gets too late

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This is definitely a huge, cinematic feeling track ans I love it. It pulled me in right from the beginning, your vocals work very nicely in the arrangement. This is another great track!

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Your vocals are so atmospheric! And work well with the music and lyrics. Intrigued, as always.

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Oh this is really nice! the lyric/vocal fits this perfectly! I feel your pain with throwing everything in it, I got that orchestra package and it's too daunting to me to even attempt anything with, have had fun playing with it though...is a really great package of sound...too good for my sloppy playing Wink

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Awesome and epic! I downloaded the Spitfire Discover myself a couple of weeks ago, but I keep forget I've having it. You definitely have it mastered. Really awesome job!

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Jeezus! This is HUGE!
And the lyric is powerful stuff. This is genuinely brilliant, Chris!

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I really like the change in tonality on your vocals for the chorus. That's a really effective compositional decision. Something I might experiment with. You seem to be teaching me a lot of new tricks this year, HFO. Great song!

See You In The Shadows…

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Goodness gracious your productions have gone to another level, and that orchestra you're conducting knows exactly how to respond to the challenge.
The vocal in the chorus is very effective. A big theme with a big arrangement, and I love those massive timpani drums. Superb work.