The Bar at Sorrow Point

The Bar at Sorrow Point

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Liner Notes: 

Time for a ballad, simple all-verse structure, Mississippi swampy.
Anyone want to make a song out of these lyrics, let me know.


The Bar at Sorrow Point

Lizzy went in search of action
She found this old juke joint
Inside it she met Billy
T’was the bar at Sorrow Point

They danced too close for comfort
To a sensual bluesy beat
Their bodies slick and sweating
In the Mississippi heat

Lizzy’s man was a roughneck
On the oilrigs all of his life
He’d come home unexpected
And went looking for his wife

Found the bar at Sorrow Point
Billy sucking Lizzy’s face
He decked him with a back-hand
Dragged Lizzy from the place

They never found her body
But he’s rotting in the joint
Has a lot to answer for
That bar at Sorrow Point

©2020 John S Alty

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A classic cheatin' and murderin' story. Too bad for all involved--a bar quarantine would have saved them all the trouble.

Excellent murder ballad! Nice flow and rhymes in the verses.

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The title is great and sets one up for the story well. Wonderfully vivid and rich story telling of a classic story in a way that one can not only be drawn into the the intensity of the situation but where you can also feel the heat of Mississippi and the heat of passion. Well done!

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This is another really great one! agree with everyone above, really great murder ballad!

I can't promise anything yet, have a pretty full plate, but I wouldn't mind doing this one if nobody else hops on it!