Do A Do

Do A Do

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Liner Notes: 

My songwriter friend Suzy (who is not on 5090) has been playing around with a cheesy vocal dooo ba sound from the General MIDI 2 instruments. I sent her my parts and she added some arranged "vocal" parts and some loungey piano. Thanks Suzy! Smile

EDIT - I have updated demo as i wanted to use a mix i had been working on so now the player plays my mix. Up to Fuzzy's comment this was Suzy's mix here:

I would be interested if any of you have the inclination to hear your thoughts on the 2 mixes and pros and cons, personal preference etc


left behind on the lifting of lockdown enforcements
all the pubs are open now - but not for live performance
due to the respiratory droplet dispersal
we can't even meet up now and have a rehearsal

when we gonna do a do again
sing a song with you again
do do do a do ba ba
really wanna do a do again
shooby dooby doo again
do do do a do ba ba

we've tried to make the best of it but it's not the same on Zoom
the time delay's impossible - i wish we were in the same room
someday we'll perform again. hit centre stage
and let all of our songbirds out of their cage

when we gonna do a do again
sing a song with you again
do do do a do ba ba
really wanna do a do again
shooby dooby doo with you again
do do do a do ba ba

soon the time will come and it'll be so exciting
bathing in the warmth of the bright stage lighting
and still even then through their dazzling glare
see all your smiling faces shining in the darkness there

when we gonna do a do again
sing a song with you again
do do do a do ba ba
really wanna do a do again
shooby dooby doo with you again
do do do a do ba ba

but for now we are all singing alone indoors
no singalonging no applause
no hearty cheering no encore
no more more more more more

when we gonna do a do again
sing a song with you again
do do do a do ba ba
really wanna do a do again
shooby dooby doo again
do do do a do ba ba

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Awww, this really makes the point about the situation we all find ourselves in right now! Lovely instrumentation and I love your vocals plus those extra vocal parts are a real delight! "no singalonging no applause" and ain't that the truth! Even some of my favorite shows that usually have a live audience has lost their appeal. And you're right about Zoom just not cutting it for music! But you have created a lovely tune we can enjoy in the meantime! Great work!

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Very poignant and sweet. Also topical. The vocal backing is excellent. I can see 1960's Martini ads all in technicolour. The ending is really good. Hope you get to perform it one day.

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Ha! Love it - do do do a do ba ba! Excellent, you're audience will love it.

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I'm so happy when you do songs! I love that doo be doo build up around minute 2 (and again later) and earlier when you overlap then and when. The chorus is going to be stuck in my head for EVER.

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I feel like I'm sipping a martini in my polyester suit with the wide lapels watching you wearing an evening gown while singing in to one of those giant 60's microphones in front of a lush red velvet curtain backdrop.

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Wow. This captured the moment and it is sooo catchy. Well done.

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This is ALMOST annoyingly catchy! Really great though...and yeah will be stuck in my head especially since I'm going to listen to both mixes

actually both sound really nice.....first one(on page) with the oomph'd bass of course sounds a little fuller, more "radio friendly" whatever that drivel means Wink
the linked one for my tastes I prefer....has a more "natural sounding" reverb on the vocal, and everything comes through with more seperation, nothing seems to be fighting for the "front spot" much more like you'd hear from some cemented rehearsal space/small venue, the small nuances in the drums/backing vocals etc. come through clearly, at least in my headphones...I don't even test my own stuff through multiple stereos like one should Smile I might like first mix better in the vehicle Smile good luck! Biggrin I don't feel bad since I'll be whistling do do do ba do ba ba for a few hours now Wink

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Instantly recognisable as a wobbie track - but feels somehow more "refined" (I want to say "grown up" but not in a patronising sense). This hints at the wobbie I know and love when sharing a Chinese take-away, but it still has that wonderful warmth and humour. The clever word play and rhymes had my jaw on the table as usual. Smile
This may just be the most favouritest thing of yours I've heard. Smile xx

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What an earworm Wobbie! A brilliant summing up of the performer's current dilemma set to an instantly memorable tune with a great production...F.A.B!

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Awesone song about this trying times. The chorus us incredible and I wish you get to share it with the world live soon

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I think I'm sharing that martini with @Fuzzy. This is so catchy! Great stuff Wobbie! That piano is something special. If you made a video for this, I could see it going viral, especially given the subject matter & the times we currently live in.

See You In The Shadows…

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Very clever lyrics, especially the rhymes. It's a blend of upbeat and nostalgic and an enjoyable take on something we all miss, and hope to do with you again soon.

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To my ear her version has a starkness that somehow echos the loneliness of the lyric. OTOH your mix has a much more full, commercial sound. It's a clever lyric and certainly of the times. Good job on both.

Solid earworm material with this one. Although it's being disrupted by a hazy memory of Harry Enfield (I think it was) with a mock scouse accent saying "Dey do dough, don't dey dough." I've enjoyed watching and listening to people's live stream performances, but the only guy who seems to be making online collaboration work is Tim Exile with his "Endlesss" app, and that works by imposing extra delay on *everyone's* stuff...

One day we'll get to perform together again. I'll be ready with my Stick on that day.

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What an earworm. I've listened to this several times today, in fact! Timely, but with a cool, retro lounge feel. Those MIDI vocals are such a fun touch!

I think I prefer the mix on your version as it blends everything together so well (to my ears, anyway). Your voice is very forward on the first mix (especially with the elevated reverb), and your friend's harmony/background vocals get somewhat lost as a result. Though I have to say, those MIDI effects really shine on the first mix, and it was fun to hear them featured a little more prominently.

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This song has a very relaxing groove to it, and the lyrics certainly ring true right now. This one's going to be stuck in my head for a few days! Great job, both of you!

Yeah... !!! Love the maj 7th, the real quality, the lyrics.. the arrangement. Pretty cool.

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listening to the 'new mix' now- I love it, you really capture the moment, and this should be a hit song in a perfect world! And when we all do gather for live performance again, after the vaccine is here and has been taken by most of the folks out there, think how joyous 'singing together' will be- and this will be a song of the times- the recording and performance really captures the human spirit- great job!!!

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Man, this hits the sweet spot for me, so deliciously bittersweet. I love the guitar and the vocals. The lead vocal has a sort of world weary feel, but then those bvox pop. Kind of reminds me of some jazzy new romantic stuff from the 80s

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Lovely. Really lovely, the idea of such a losing such an important magical thing as singing together in this current mess is so sad, but you've captured the joy to be had, we're missing, and long the return to (soon, we must hope). Brilliant, as always. Enjoyed much.
Is that "Suzy" our Ms. Chewter? If so, say hi from me, and drag her back to FAWMing.
Thanks so much for your kind words on my #2. Smile

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YES, so relatable, love the production and I always love singing along to your songs, they always appeal to me and draw me in.....great it!

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I smiled, moved my toes and hips, and I hope you don't mind -- I downloaded this and sent it to my bandmate who went across the pond just before the virus so she could smile, too. I miss my band. Lovely song.

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Really effing catchy ... love the ba bas and the complaints about the time-delay on Zoom ... lovely vocals and arrangement. Love the accordion-type sound. One of your best! Perfect pandemic song.

I'm a fan of maj7th. I must have already stopped by.. Wait a minute I know this song. The Chorus is really strong. 2nd verse all the bits n beices. Love BVs. Love teh way the song really develops. Great stuff.