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Liner Notes: 

This song was recorded earlier in July and left to sit for a few weeks. This will be one in a set of 5 fugues. The beginning is a flashback of sorts, of an emotional breakdown over the course of time. Those songs you hear on the radio are bits and pieces of tunes I recorded when I was around 20 or 21.

The fourth line in the first verse is referring to the human race.

How I did it:
Recorded using Studio One 3
Alesis MIDI controller for Bass Keys, Rhodes, and various samples
Yamaha S03 synthesizer
Ibanez 5 string bass
Drum programming - Linn drum (sampled from Hot Thing by Prince)
Shure Mic SM7B


Everybody's got their something
Everybody's got their place
it seems no 1 is free from nothing
And they're ready 2 drop out the race

Everybody's always smiling
Everyone except 4 me
I don't see the need 4 laughing
When this isn't where I want 2 B

The edge of night is always calling
The paper knife is not enough
Omega system's overloading
This life I live is just 2 tough

House of daggers form around me
Solitude becomes a myth
2 linger on seems every pointless
When there's no 1 here 2 B with

Everyone has a death wish
Everyone wants 2 die
No 1 has the nerve 2 say so
Yet everybody wants 2 try

I can't say I've seen the future
Only that I know my past
It seems there's nothing gonna change me
A cure 4 me will never last

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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The radio prologue is a great touch, glad you still have those archives!
You've put some beautiful music to this tragic lyric. The bass ties things together so well, and I adore the synth horn parts in fourths making that unresolved figure.

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The 'searching the radio dial' part is genius. And the fact that it's all your old stuff makes it even better. That reminded me of an old Sonia Dada tune. The bass lines are inspired and really held me there. Well done.

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I love how this begins and how it builds into such an intimate, Insightful and powerful song. It captures a poignant sense of long-standing disillusionment and growing detachment with such emotion - it seems like it may very relatable to any who have felt the pain and frustration of chronic oppression. Very effectively reaches deep into my emotions.

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this strikes me as more of a universal social malady than a personal crisis the US has celebrated death for several decades now and as the possibity of mankinds final hour approaches, a certain falalism begins to set in.

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There is a cool retro funk feel to this song that I really like. The musical breaks between the verses are great and I love how you strip things down for the last verse, it makes it have even more impact.

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Incredibly funky music and dark-as-black lyrics: a good combo! I like the intro and the bass and the overall retro feel.

Man, this hits home. Depression runs in my family. I've suffered from it, off and on, for decades. Several members of my close family have ended up taking their own lives. Those of us left behind are still trying to deal with the grief and anguish of that, but I don't think it ever leaves you.

Folks, if you need to talk to someone, I'm there for you - no matter how bad you think things are for you, the world would be a worse place without you in it.

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Solid groove as always. I like that radio dial effect at the beginning, and the smoothness of the track contrasts with the darkness of the lyrics in a way that makes you want to listen closer.

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Very strong song, hits the nurve. Suicidal seem to hit every country and doesn't have any answers, only questions. You've done a great job Craig. You've created a very relatable song. It should be in movies and in programmes about suicidal prevention. It would make people think of solutions as the music shows the agony of not knowing how to deal with the thoughts which are potentially killing.

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OH! Way to use groove for intensity on a song that goes deep. The bass is phenomenal; it really shines here.