Floating Intentions Of Lost Sheep (Corpse C Backwards)

Floating Intentions Of Lost Sheep (Corpse C Backwards)

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Liner Notes: 

AndyGetch: Wonderful minutes from everyone, this was a fun corpse where the last writer in the recording (me) recorded their minute or so first, then I sent my first 10 seconds only to the fourth writer, who sent their first ten seconds to the third writer, etc.!

Playing order on the recording (and feel free to edit in your lyrics)
@Tabitha L.




You say you wanna know my intentions;
You say you wanna know my plans;
But I’ve gotten rid of all such pretentions;
And now I just float along with the wind.

You didn’t look happy with my answer.
You frowned and gave me back my ring.
I thought we were just having friendly banter,
But now you’re gone and are floating with the wind.
Yeah but now you’re gone and are floating with the wind.


[@Tabitha L.]

Is it what you intended?


Who is right now
Who is lost now
Who am I now

12 string guitar tuned DGCFAD

[Em(F#m] Who’s the sheep now
[Bb(C)] Who’s the sheep now
[D(E)] Who’s the sheep now

Repeat Intro

[G(A)] Sheep
Follow leader to the slaughter without question
[C(D)] Take no measure of self-protection
[D(E)] Stand by idly while their all done in

Repeat Intro

Self-advocate and always question
Wear a mask for everyones protection
Stop the spread to fight this infection

Repeat Intro twice

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That was surprisingly musically coherent-- these reverse corpses tend to be more that way. I wonder why.
The lyrics on the other hand....

Good job everyone! That was a fun listen.

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This was a joy of a listen! Musically it does sound like a condensed version of some 20minute rock ballad from the 70s Smile I guess lyrically as well, some of those things were all over the place haha!
Great stuff!

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Glad to have now heard all of it and to have now gained valuable information on how corpses work! I enjoyed the listen, well done everyone.

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So good. I like wanna play washtub bass in this band. The segues are all organic, seamless and brilliant. This has all the twists and turns and musical variety of disc 2 of the White album, and has a similar effect on the listener scrambling to discern, or make a common thread.

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Always love exquisite corpses and this one is no exception. Love the diversity and the surprises. I also love how it challenges me, making me create music or develop themes that I never would have on my own. Kudos to everyone!!

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Well done everyone. This flows really well from track to track.

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Some really interesting transitions... especially that first one. Very different music, but they work together.