A Hundred Clips

A Hundred Clips

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Liner Notes: 

m to the foot notes:


this is (a) a political song -- which I don't usually do (though it's NZ politics in which I have no horse in the race)
(b) a rap song -- which I really don't do (I think in my 1000+ CD collection we have a total of 3 rap/hip-hip CDs)
(c) a trombone duet song -- which I don't often do

It is Exhibit A on why middle aged white guys in rural towns ought not rap.

So this is safely outside my comfort zone, I'd say.

Rapping, trombones - m to the foot
beatz - casio digital piano
wordz - tha WordSmith


'So tell the labour government
We're coming with a hundred clips'
Well, probably the boldest line
To scape an open speaker's lips
But if, now on your seventh chance
You wish to be took serious
It may be better off to lead
With something less nefarious

Unless, of course, you're speaking
About paperclips instead
For all that legislation
In a fancy letterhead
And the policy legitimate
You're in the house to pass
- but that seems quite unlikely
As you're such a total farce


Unless, instead, you're thinking
About little clips of film
To shine a light on all they've done
To mar and underwhilm
And bare the naked body
Of this emperor at fault
- but then again, perhaps not
As you're actually a cult


Unless you're thus referring
To the hairclips in your tress
For your big day in the beehive
You won't look a frightful mess
You'll represent the people
With no strand left out of place
- although they may not want you
As you hate the human race


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this has it all. Horn stabs, beats, lyrical flows. What more could you need?

Sucka MCs can't mess with M to the foot.

And remember: Sucka DJs, they get stopped by a single finger

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trombone rap is actually doing it for me this afternoon! hahah
Really like the sparse beat with the whistles....it's a throwback to older rap which i do enjoy, those casios had it going on Wink
M to da foot and da Wordsmith nice collab!
This Exhibit A as you so eloquently put it, does this tounge in cheek lyric due justice Wink
Nicely done!

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Wow! Not what I expected but this is fun and clever!

The annual outing of the trombone! Go you funky thing, all on a political bed! Nice.

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That casiocore is solid. The bones are a perfect counterpoints. You give a good showing as white rapper/ declamation. Great collab.

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Impressive rapping and nice touch with the trombone Alex!

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I knew it was a casio! Lol Them bones make everything better!

This is very nice rapping. It's so melodic. When usually in rap music you get like single G-note for 4 minutes. The performance is LIVELY.

It's curious, reading the lyrics, it's about kiwi politics, but could be about any country, really. Telling, yea? Biggrin

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Wow!!! This is a fantastic musical delivery of some great lyrics. I love everything about this song! Love the wonderful rapping and the trombones. Great lyrics and use of language to highlight a political point of reference so effectively.

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This is... actually pretty good. It treads an interesting line between #schoolhouserock and more or less everything top 40. The cadence is addictive and the trombone blasts are an effective motif. And it's a suitable genre to portray a minor party who seeks to court the vote by threatening gun violence against the incumbents.

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Trombone rap about New Zealand politics - unique! "To scape an open speaker's lips" is my favorite line (one of many!).