Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

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Liner Notes: 

Dragged down by news and politics


Chronic Fatigue

All these deep fears being expressed
But I'm moving on saying next
As they slow me down when they shout
Don't lock me down I am going out

Their big words aren't making much sense
Pictures that they paint making me tense
Them pointing out when dodging blame
Is all part of their silly game

Here I'm suffering bad
And simply living's, making me mad

Look at my expression more clearly
Look closer at me
You can see
Nervous exhaustion
Chronic fatigue
With more and more news to read
Hungry brain to feed
I'm going down and out with
Chronic fatigue

Their confused words hide the truth
With their badly mishandled rules
So we've lost faith their view is right
After so many have lost their lives

(repeat pc and chorus)

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I think many can identify with these lyrics -- there's a lot of burning out on the sound and fury signifying nothing coming from seemingly all quarters. Good writing.

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Totally relate. I don't have chronic fatigue. I have a lot of friends that do... and/or chronic pain. But this feeling is one that I've been having a lot of lately. Reality burnout.