'Sing With Me'

'Sing With Me'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Kristi and Kurtis for your amazing collaboration. I love the way our song turned out. Thank you to everyone who is listening and commenting.


Sing With Me'
© 2020 Nadia Cripps and Kristi McKeever.
Music: Nadia Cripps, Lyrics: Kristi McKeever.
Vocals: Kurtis Kanttila, Piano: Nadia Cripps.

If I could
I’d sing all day
If I could
I’d play all day

There is life
In every wish
In every word
In every note

One by one
Two by two
Sing with me
I’ll sing with you

Do you see
Behind a smile
Do you sit
And dream awhile

Do you keep
...Hope alive
Have you felt
The ocean’s tide

One by one
Two by two
Sing with me

I’ll sing with you

See my heart
I’ll see yours too


Sing….sing with me

One by one
Two by two
Sing with me
I’ll sing with you

See my heart
I’ll see yours too
released July 23,

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Oooooo, I like! Nice collab - all worked together. The vocals are so provocative and totally took me by surprise.

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ThIs is a fantastic collab! Kurtis has such a warm baritone vocal that invites the listener to pull up a chair, and hear Kristi’s words. This is duet material if the right soprano wshed to join. And Nadia cinches the music with her romantic piano.

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Really nice collab, guys! Note that there are no lyrics on this page, but I followed with interest the vocal for the words.
Enjoyed much.
Nadia, thanks so much for your kind words on my first! Aprreciated Smile

Very nice all of you. Is a bit similar to the one i did with you Nadia. Nice one.

kahlo2013's picture

Really gorgeous and engaging. I love the wonderful flow of the piano music and the concise compelling lyrics that invite full engagement. The vocals convey the sentiment with rich emotion. Lovely!

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Everyone seems to be sharing my vibe today--uploading a song about how important music is to me right now. I guess all this makes sense--it's why we're here.

This is just gorgeous all around. Nice collab, you guys--do more of them!!

Freaks Of Nosmo 9's picture

Whaaat!, the genius behind PIIKKERALA caught moonlighting as a jazz lounge balladeer. Wait till Metal Terrorizer Magazine get this on the front page.
Actually this is pretty good and a pleasant surprise. Maybe the key was a tad low but that gentle baritone is the real thing to drive women wild, so I can't fault your intentions with this. Melody and lyrics make a nice combination.

ductapeguy's picture

Classic showtune theme and arrangement. This is a great collaboration.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Gorgeous piano and clever, punchy lyrics. Nice vocal performance, Kurtis - I like the deeper tone! Like a goth balladeer.

I feel like the vocal delivery and style choice here pairs up really well with the beautiful piano to really emphasize the lyrics. They are kind lyrics, hopeful, and they make you feel good. But the low singing, almost dead-pan makes you really pay attention to what is being said. And then that simply perfect piano kinda takes me away from here and everything around me, so that its just my ears and the song.
Great collab, you three.

Powerstars's picture

I love how warm the piano is here. You used to the opportunity to showcase a completely different side of Kurtis's voice and, coupled with the very genuine and simplistic lyrics, it makes for a very compelling song. Good stuff!

Kristi's picture

Hey, thanks again Nadia for your lovely piano...so inspiring and always a good challenge for me. And thank you, Kurtis, for bringing my words to life. There's a very authentic and intimate feel to how you delivered the vocals. Great job!

Gwyn Jones's picture

Just a lovely combination of warmly sung lyrics and mellifluous piano...

fresh spotless youth's picture

I was expecting some crazy electric guitar/piano combo, but this is just so pretty and understated. I love the way the words trips out: dum, dum dum...dum dum dum. There's a great rhythm to the whole piece, and the piano is gorgeous. There's a life in every word, every wish etc.--amen!

JWHanberry's picture

The chorus is a great release from the repetitive verses. Very effective.

corinne54's picture

What a wonderful collaboration. Beautiful optimistic tone in the lyrics and music.

katpiercemusic's picture

Beautiful collaboration. I love the lyrics, the piano, the melody. I remember many years ago one of my music history professors playing Gymnopedie and explaining the difference between simple and simplistic. This is simple. Simple is beautiful and hard to pull off well.